We change the way you engage with your mobile audience.

Integrate NearIT with your app and discover the potential of contextual mobile engagement.

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Communication that gives you the flexibility to select who are your target users, to choose the place and time in which you want to reach them and to create the type of content to communicate.


Reach that allows to capture users attention on their smartphone through your app.


That adds value to users experiences and generates higher conversion rates and loyalty levels.


An engagement technology solution for your app

NearIT can be integrated into every iOS and Android apps to empower their features.

It allows to create and easily share contextualized and highly targeted content.

Monitor and analyze the results of your activities. Monetize your digital communication campaigns with Contextual Mobile Engagement.

With NearIT you may choose the who, what & when of a contextual mobile engagement campaign. Share your mobile content in just 3 steps:

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NearIT For

NearIT has many areas of application

Brand & Retail

Brand & Retail

Grocery Stores, Consumable Brands, Department Stores, Store Chains, Pharmacies, Restaurants, Banks & Other Services.

Malls & Airports

Malls & Airports

Shopping Districts, Shopping Centres, Outlets, Train & Bus Stations, Air & Maritime Ports.

Leisure Facilities

Leisure Facilities

Museums, Arts Galleries, Theatres, Historic Landmarks, Stadiums, Gyms, National & Theme Parks, Cruises, Hotels, Spas & Resorts.

Conventions & Event

Conventions & Event

Festivals, Exhibitions, Concerts, Fairs & Conferences.