July 2017

The Advanced Scheduling for your mobile strategy


Easy planning of your Mobile Strategy

In order to make the lives of marketing and campaign managers easier, our development team is constantly working on improving the efficiency and functionality of the NearIT platform.

We have identified that the need of being able to plan more precisely the moment of activation of the recipes is lately growing in the marketplace. We have worked on this to provide this.

While you are planning your marketing activity with NearIT, now it’s possible to use the Advanced Scheduling feature.

More opportunity for NearIT users

So far you could just choose the days and hours of activation of a certain recipe, for example Monday to Friday from 10 to 3 pm. Now, NearIT allows you to select different time slots when the recipe will be active.

For instance, when dealing with multiple time slots, NearIT lets you combine different variable weekly times and lets you now choose the time slot in which your users are more receptive.

For example if there are variable opening times of a shop on different days and you want to have a recipe active from Monday to Friday from 3 to 7 and on Tuesday and Thursday also from 7 to 9, it will not be necessary create two recipes. You can now easily use the advanced scheduling: the same recipe with different time slots.

As we mention, this feature can be very helpful for all retailers, shops and stores. But it extends to museums with different opening hours based on the day of the week. This feature can be useful even during an event with a precise daily program.

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