April 2018

Events: communication and marketing strategy with a mobile app

Mobile strategy

Involve and make all your visitors really protagonist of your event. Do it thank to a mobile app with engagement features.

A mobile app: an ally for your event

Nowadays events are essential part of any promotional activity for industries working in different environments. Trade shows, seasonal exhibitions or occasional events run in every moment of the year inside city halls, convention centers,  indoor stadiums, showrooms. Because of business or personal reasons, many visitors are taking part in this occasion. These big numbers of people and users need to be managed and supported during their visit, offering them efficient services. 

It would be a clever choice to entrust in a tool able to get better the visit and be also functional to manage the relationship with the visitors: why don’t use a mobile app? Any apps for events can be the right solution suitable to fulfill event managers, exhibitors and visitors’ need: one tool able to satisfy everyone. First because a mobile app is available to everyone, anyone can have it and moreover can use it during the event. There could be exclusive advantages of different nature, depends on the use established. Indeed depends if the need is for logistic, to get information, to engage the users or to promote the exhibitors.

A mobile app for the event logistic

Inside the app it’s possible to upload the planimetry of the expositive space in order to make the space fruition easier for visitors and contractors.  For example the app available with StartIT has a menu section dedicated to this purpose. In this way will not be necessary to print maps because every user can look at it on its device.

(Do you want to know better StartIT?).

A mobile app to share information about the event

As we already said many time, a mobile app can be a direct communication channel with users. To be really effective, it has to be able to share valuable and relevant contents, so the user is willing to keep it on its device, because it’s useful and maybe necessary.  For example it’s possible to have the ticket inside one of the app section, that can be redeemed at the entrance (for example through a QR Code reader). With the features offered by NearIT, the event manager can constantly monitor the number of tickets redeemed and the time, all these in the analytics section of the platform. But there are many kind of information that can be shared, such as the event program, contacts o exhibitors list. 

The chance to share contextual information, based on the users location, can really make the difference. With NearIT you can plan different contents based on the users’ location inside the pavilions, for example by using beacons technology, and moreover plan different contents for different parts of the day, like a coupon for a free coffee during the break.  A mobile app like the one provided with StartIT, will allow users to create a user profile sharing information that then NearIT can use to plan personalized contents.

A mobile app to promote exhibitor and sponsor event

As it happens during the I-Days Festival the app can efficiently used by the event’ sponsors and exhibitors.

The app can be used as a showcase to promote their own booth and the activities done for the event itself.  

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