February 2019

App Mobile, Why You Need One to Do Proximity Marketing

Mobile strategy
NearIT explain why you need an app to do proximity

Mobile applications, by definition, are designed to be used directly on devices such as tablets and smartphones. In recent years they have established themselves over the PC for the number of users and time spent on devices. In 2018 alone, users downloaded 194 billion apps, spending an average of three hours per day on their mobile devices, 50% more than in 2016. (Source: App Annie, The State of Mobile in 2019).

A multinational company, a small business or a local entity, as well as a clothing store and why not, even a chain of restaurants. Investing in an app is not a matter of size or sector of the company, but the relationship we want to have with our users, what we want to say about our brand and how we tell it. Furthermore: the app allows you to add the dimension of proximity to your communication strategy, involving users in the right place and at the right time.

Imagine being in the center of our city: if the commercial activities in the neighborhood wanted to reach us while we are near their stores, they could do it only with the help of an app, which is in fact the tool with which the proximity technology conveys content, in a profiled and geolocated manner, compliant with the terms of the current privacy regulations. This is achieved by exploiting the users location while they have their smartphone in their pockets.

Here’s why you need an app to use Proximity Marketing services

NearIT explain why you need an app to do proximity

Contextual Mobile Engagement Technology

From a technical point of view, the app is open to integration with proximity marketing tools that allow it to enhance its functionalities, exploiting the geo behavioral component through technologies such as Beacon, Geofence and Wi-fi.

This way, not only does the app respond to the needs of communicating on the move with customers, but doing so also in a relevant and effective way.

NearIT explain why you need an app to do proximity

Engagement and loyalty

A mobile app engages users dynamically and in real time when they are involved in a precise experience.

The app thus becomes a meeting place, where companies have the opportunity to redefine the relationship with their clients by building new dynamics that strengthen their sense of belonging to brand values.

NearIT explain why you need an app to do proximity

Know your users

Who are my users? Where are they when they use the app? What are their favorite experiences?

By inviting them to share in-app information such as age, gender, tastes and preferences and combining this data with their geographical location, you can send personalized content, involving users near different points of interest and under certain circumstances.

NearIT explain why you need an app to do proximity

Learn from your users
and act on their feedback

Knowing your users also means listening to their needs.
For this reason, collecting feedback on their experiences in a timely manner helps to plan targeted strategic marketing actions, that allow you to improve and customize the offer of products and services, thus improving the conversion rate.

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