November 2019

Beacon, a Digital Compass

Mobile strategy
beacon becomes a real digital compass thanks to NearIT

A beacon is a compact size hardware that may help people to move towards museums or in the urban jungle. Tired of getting lost within municipal offices, among not visible arrows, scraps of informations and obsolete signs? If so, technology can come to your aid and we are going to tell you how.

I swear I packed everything I need in my suitcase. Clothes, identity documents and my beloved guidebook. Ok, we’re in the Age of Digital but I really cannot give up my printed travel guide. I love the smell of paper…

But, wait: where did I put it? did I leave it home? Yes, I did! And now, what shall I do now?

Come on, I’m sure it happened to you too, didn’t it? You left for a holiday destination thinking you were well-trained about routing instructions but, once you arrived, you felt totally lost.

beacon becomes a real digital compass thanks to NearIT

Beacons and Proximity

Today, Technology can help us through a small but ingenious tool: a beacon, one of the most common hardware to give practical shape to proximity marketing.

In this case, for example, we can use beacons to never get lost! Thanks to beacons and profiled content, we can receive all informations we need, to move within a station, directly on our smartphone – e.g. to find tickets offices, docks and exits -or we can reach the public office we were looking for hours. A simple notification, a photograph, a video or even an audio message for visually impaired people, can help us to find the right way and to deliver those urgent documents on time.

beacon becomes a real digital compass thanks to NearIT

In outdoor and indoor environment, beacons installation would simplify communication between city’s infrastructure and those people – citizens and tourists – who needs, for any reason, to move in the urban area. 

Think about how handy it would be to receive directions to reach the desired destination directly on your smartphone or preview in app the opening hours of the museum we planned to visit. And what if that museum make available an audio guide able to connect with beacons to play the right information, in the right time, to explain in our language and in an innovative way all the masterpieces? We’ll can catch our favourite art works in complete freedom, look into the artist life and, most important, we’ll break down sensory barriers so that even visually impaired people would enjoy and benefit from certain services.
And what if we said HearIT does just that?

Tell me where and when

In London there is a dedicated app which let people to receive audio messages and informations about how to move in the metro station. In Italy, Venipedia let citizens and tourists discover all the city of lovers’ secrets through an app.

So, beacons – of various sizes and easy to install -are a reality, and their usage with apps make life far easier, for everyone.

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