November 2017

Beacons Technology inside sports venue

Mobile strategy

More and more sport clubs are using beacon technology inside their own venues. They enrich the features of their mobile app in order to communicate and create engagement with their supporters. But what can beacons offer?

Beacons and app

Thanks to beacons it’s possible to communicate straight with supporters. This happens through the official mobile app of the club or of the venue where the match takes place. As beacons are small and versatile, they can be placed almost everywhere, allowing to reach the supporters during the way to their seats, wherever they are. But remember, beacons by themselves don’t work, they need to be associate to an app or a platform. By using beacons, the kind of activities you can do in a sport venue are basically three: concerning the commercial aspect, the logistic one and live experience. Main goal of this strategy is to create a loyalty relationship with your own supporters engaging them in an interactive and personalized experience. Have a look at the details.  



Beacon and sport: Commercial promotions

Thanks to bluetooth notifications it’s possible to share commercial promotion with your supporters. For instance, once they pass in front of the official store they can receive discount coupons inviting them to purchase official gadget and merchandising. Looking at a notification exactly in the moment when they are walking close to the store, the supporter will be encouraged to finalize the purchase. Beacons allow you to interact with the user when he is more exposed and disposed to positively react to an external input. As a result, it is possible to push the purchase of sponsors’ products providing them an important promotional opportunity. But not just t-shirt and hats, through beacons you can also push the tickets sale for coming matches, giving a considerable advantage to your most loyal supporters.


Beacon and sport: logistic inside the venue

Beacons allow you to communicate better with your supporter in a personalized way and based on their location. Who is detected in the north stand will receive different notifications compared to the once on the bleachers. In this way it will be possible to monitor the flow inside the stadium, paying more attention to the more complicated areas. These service informations can be used to provide supporters valuable promos for a dedicated meal deal usable in the closest bar or the less crowded.

Beacon and sport: Live Experience

Engage your supporter with interactive gaming experience. You can use beacons to turn on their selfie cam asking them to take a selfie and share it on social media with the hashtag of their favourite team. Once they got inside the stadium, entertain them with interesting contents about the match: who is going to play today? Any forecast about the result? What’s going on in the locker room? There are many opportunities to make the experience more interactive and so more valuable. 

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