January 2018

Eating out in Rome
is Beasy

When Matteo Spaziani and Leonardo Camarca came back to Italy in November 2017 after a period of study abroad they came up with the idea of creating a service to optimise the offer of bars and restaurants in Rome through customized promotions according to the interests and behaviours of customers.

Today more and more people are interested in dining out and trying new kind of food, but they are more price sensitive than before.


An app easy to use by definition

Beasy is the solution to meet these needs. This app, easy by definition, collects 35 restaurants and bars of the Italian capital. Merchants took the opportunity to enter this network not only to retain their regular customers, but also to attract whoever was interested in trying new food experiences in Rome, thus creating a new customer base.

“70% of our local partners declared that the number of their customers has significantly increased. We wanted to combine their offers with their clients’ needs to create a mutual advantage. We successfully did it and we will keep doing it.” Matteo Spaziani, Ceo & Founder Beasy

IdealMio realizza Beasy con NearIT
Beasy NearIT App

Coupons and discounts directly on your smartphone

Thanks to NearIt platform integrated into Beasy, local merchants are able to collect useful information about their clients’ profiles and location and send them the best available promotions. For example, when app users are close to one of the restaurants of the Beasy network they can receive a discount on their favourite dishes or a coupon for a free parking directly on their smartphone.

“The possibility for customers to easily receive and redeem coupons at the restaurant without booking in advance enhances their engagement and pushes them to try something new”

Not only promotions

A strong entrepreneurial spirit, a brilliant idea, and the right tool at the right moment allowed Matteo and Leonardo to create a successful service both for merchants and for users. For this reason, Near team is already working on an additional app section where local owners can share more information about their brands. And, who knows, Beasy might consider the opportunity to expand its service in some other cities soon.