January 2018

Beasy: the app with something more

IdealMio chooses StartIT to offer a unique solution to all its clients: now available the app Beasy.


An extra and effective service

IdealMio, digital consulting company, has chosen to offer a chance of business promotion to its clients that goes beyond the traditional marketing strategies.

When the project started, 12 restaurants and bars, all based in Rome, decided to be part of Beasy. Beasy is a mobile app coming from StartIT kit, the technological kit that allows the ones interested in starting a mobile marketing campaign with NearIT, to start with a personalized mobile app ready to be immediately used.

Beasy NearIT App

Beasy: the mobile app for restaurants

Thanks to this collective app, 12 restaurants owners will be able to promote their business by offering discount coupons and personalized offers to all their mobile users.  

This is an innovative tool to promote the business by creating a straight communication channel with the regular and the potential customers.

The strength of a project like this is the opportunity to offer to any restaurants, lacking of a mobile app, the chance to take advantage of everything a mobile app can offer, in terms of loyalty and visibility. Important to consider that Beasy will allow all the restaurants to share their customers certainly increasing the popularity among the app users.  

A Profile section to place the user in the middle

The app allows the user to create a profile. He can decide to login using the social media or using a common registration with email and password. In order to know the user  better, Beasy has a section with other characteristics optionally requested to the user. If shared these informations allows a more efficient notifications sending. These are data about gender, date of birth, job position, favourite food and drink and city of residence. These information will be used from NearIT to allow a focused planning of the marketing campaign.