17 March 2017 /

Nearit technology solution for user segmentation

NearIT technology solution for user segmentation Here is the second chapter of the series of articles about NearIT’s technology. We want to provide
9 March 2017 /

NearIT technology solution for proximity

With the articles “Technology solution for…” we want to provide to you a guide to better understand the potential of our technology solutions an
15 March 2017 /

Geofencing, beacon and mobile: How to bring visitors inside your store

What are the technologies available to bring potential customers inside the store? What are their most interesting features? What’s their future? He
23 March 2017 /

Digital marketing and mobile transformation

The smartphone has become an inseparable companion for many people, in many cases replacing the PC as the only tool for internet. But there are still
1 March 2017 /

Don’t spam: Use Proximity Marketing

It’s always nice to receive special offers from companies, but among mail, emails and notifications on our smartphones, we are flooded every day
8 February 2017 /

Proximity Marketing for Airports

Fly towards a unique experience! With the big amount of always-connected traveler, proximity marketing is a great opportunity to communicate with pass
25 January 2017 /

Proximity Marketing for Museums

Experience art interactively! The museum is a heritage place, a site that shows the past, which exposes memories of past generations. But it doesn’t
19 January 2017 /

Geofencing: All the Secrets Revealed by NearIT

Imagine to draw a geographical area on a map. Now, imagine you can send content to users if they enter or exit from a specific perimeter: that’s geo
4 January 2017 /

Proximity Marketing for Events

A large public and a rich program. Help your users living your event as best as you can thanks to proximity marketing. Exhibitions, conventions, small
27 December 2016 /

Proximity Marketing for Your Hotel

Engage your hotel app users: only when it counts! Give your guests a new, innovative and interactive holiday. How? Thanks to proximity marketing. Prox
21 December 2016 /

Proximity Marketing: The Shopping Center Becomes Interactive

Shopping will never be the same! Thanks to proximity marketing you can send personalised content to users. Send the right content at the right time; h
14 December 2016 /

Add Value to Your Store with Proximity Marketing

Create a special shopping experience for your users during Christmas time Send personalised content and engage app users: help them enjoying the best