July 2018

Near Arrives at ComoNExT, the Business Incubator

Near at ComoNExT

ComoNExT has taken on board Near. Due to its innovative footprint, the hub has welcomed the startup within its Technological Pole.
So, from today, Near becomes part of this great family.

Near at ComoNExT

Digital Innovation Hub

Located inside an old, carefully restored cotton mill, ComoNExT is a Science and Technology Park based in Lomazzo, established in 2010 by the Como Chamber of Commerce and the Cariplo Foundation.

Their inclination towards  innovation has led the Digital Innovation Hub to bring mature companies closer to younger and unripe, but carefully selected realities in order to bring the right innovation into the group.

All this to create a very powerful interchange of skills, which is none other than the Polo’s mission.

In fact, ComoNExT has 3 objectives: attracting innovative companies, bringing innovation to the territory, and encouraging the development of new realities thanks to the incubation of startups. (ComoNExT is an incubator certified by the Ministry of Economic Development pursuant to the Law of 17 December 2012, n 221).

Their connection with universities, research centers, banks and investment funds is the strength of this group.

There are already 125 companies established in the Science Park and 60 positions are currently dedicated to startups. From today, Near is one of these!

The Panorama
within NExT Innovation

Due to the different types of organization, for different management policies with  limited availability of capital. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) behave differently from large companies.

States and regions implement policies to support these realities but often this is not enough to guarantee them a good commercial start.

For this reason, ComoNExT does more: it offers new opportunities through the creation of synergies with already defined and consolidated realities, a real incubator of talents which fosters the growth in  startups and prepare them to face the market.

Today it is fundamental to innovate and transform ones business (digitally speaking) in order to better win the competition that the 4.0 industry panorama looks like.

To keep up with the times, it is essential to approach new technologies, collect and interpret huge amounts of data and improve processes.

The aim of ComoNExT is to group all the skills available within the Park to create a network of advanced management consultancy groups aimed at transferring necessary   technological and digital knowledge to companies that decide to turn to the group.

All this is done through the innovative “Innovation Transfer” model named NExT Innovation®.

Near at ComoNExT
Near at ComoNExT

Opening doors for Near

This is a great opportunity for Near, thus bringing its Contextual Mobile Engagement services in direct contact with all the realities already active in the Polo.

A way to earn more visibility, fostering new collaborations and new ideas for the applicability of Near’s product to the market.

An opportunity to grow and improve, confronting “friendly realities” and facing new challenges.

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