June 2017

Finally available the Cool Down rules


A Feature that allows you to accurately manage the sending frequency of your notifications is now available on the NearIT platform.

When planning a marketing campaign, it’s fundamental to measure the quantity of notifications that will be sent to your users to avoid to send excessive or repeated notification that can disrupt the experience for end users.

A controlled communication will add much more value and won’t be perceived as intrusive from the end-user point of view. For this purpose, NearIT has Cool Down rules. This is to protect users from the excessive or repeated contents of a recipe. These have two main aspects. The first one consist of working to avoid that a TRIGGER is repeated more than once, or that is repeated under a controlled established time windows.

For instance the options for a Welcome notification, delivered when a user walk into a geofence area will be:

  1. delivered every time
  2. delivered just the first time the user walks in the area
  3. or thanks to the TIMER feature you can decide the time period in which deliver the recipe: once a day or every one hour or every 20 minutes.
Trigger cool down

The second allows you to relate more recipes of the same campaign, this way you can decide how many notifications, coming from different recipes, the user can receive. You can set a timer for each recipe which will send the notification just in case no other recipe has been delivered for a certain time period.

You can set this features in the TRIGGER section.

The story however is different for Push notifications, because of their nature, they do not respect Cool Down rules and so are always delivered. For this reason it’s important to use them carefully. The same applies to Coupons, because they have a specific discount code they are delivered just once. For these kind of notifications the Cool Down rules are pre setted and not editable.

When planning any recipe is important to remember to set Cool Down rules if applicable in order to avoid a multiple sending of the same message.

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