October 2016

NearIT has been growing


From Italy, a solution which can be integrated into any app within minutes, aimed for personalized communication that overtakes the mass advertising.
After the 9,000 unique interactions with their beacons during the Technology Hub, it has been selected among the top innovative projects from the major startup competitions in Italy (Web marketing Festival, SMAU) and Europe (Wolves Summit, Lisbon Web Summit, Slush). “Seeded” by Innowatio – one of the most important players in the free energy market, which funded the project bringing its post-money value to € 10 million – the company aims for an expansion within and outside the country, through scalable solutions for iOS and Android systems.

Round of € 1.5 millions and 13 new employees hired

With a funding of € 1.5 million harvested last year and a labor force passed from 2 to 15 employees, NearIT is today among the most interesting hi-tech startups; born in Bergamo into Kilometro Rosso incubator, it has just had a € 10 million post-money evaluation.
In this direction also goes the seletions by Startup Competitions such as Web Marketing Festival and SMAU (in Italy), Wolves Summit (Poland) and Lisbon Web Summit (Portugal)

If today we can consider email marketing as surpassed and “over” the initial “hangover” of each type of app downloaded on smartphones, NearIT looks beyond the traditional marketing tools and has a “proximity” solution for every kind of situation. From shopping centers to museums, to great events, NearIT engages the end user through personalized content, far away from spam. With NearIT, users can receive targeted promotional messages during the visit to their favorite stores or museums.

NearIT offers a simple, intuitive and efficient web interface for managing content in order to deliver at the right time, at every potential consumer the most consistent message with their own interests as possible.

The most obvious strength is the high integration capabilities with customer relation (or customer loyalty) systems that already exist: NearIT adds value to the already developed native apps, which – thanks to beacons technology – can start sending personalized messages based on users or analyzing results of marketing campaigns initiatives.

.For example, retailers can now turn in a few minutes their app into powerful marketing tools designed to send specific messages to customers inside the store, providing information or promotional content specifically at key moments.

From the earliest stages of design and creation of the platform, NearIT mantra was simplicity at all levels.” Declares Michel Capitanio, CTO and Founder at NearIT. “From the developer, who can integrate our software development kit (SDK) in any third party native app (both iOS and Android) in 10 minutes, to the professional end user who will be able to configure and create his own proximity marketing campaigns in few clicks.

After the first round of financing, which convinced a well-established company as Innowatio to become a shareholder with a share of 15%, the team grew quickly, counting today 15 people.

The first on-field demonstration took place during the Technology Hub in Milan in June 2016 where more than 80 exhibitors agreed to share personalized messages received via Bluetooth by participants at the fair, while passing next to one of the 80 beacons installed.

The result led over the three days of exposure to over 300 different contents created within the platform, 9,000 interactions with beacons by Android or iOS devices and more than 1,000 active sessions recorded on the app event.
In the following months, NearIT participated (and will participate) to the main technology and marketing events in Italy and abroad, often selected as one of the most interesting startup projects.

After investing in staff, NearIT now looks forward to customers all along Europe, with the aim of overcoming resistance by deeds of those who still consider proximity marketing just “useful” but still burdened by the high costs and long timelines for integration.

Our product is ready in a snap! I like to use this expression to underline how easy and fast is the solution that we offer. ” says Luca Locatelli, CEO and Founder at NearIT:” We want to help making proximity marketing a standard service in the relationship between marketers and customers, after all no later than two years ago proposing Cloud innovation to a company meant facing a rather widespread distrust, while today those who still exclusively use physical data centers stays in the minority.


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