July 2019

Customer Loyalty: When a Brand Becomes a Friend

customer loyalty with NearIT

Customer loyalty plays a fundamental role in a marketing strategy. It’s not just a system to award clients, but a journey that a company builds with and for them.

As a result, loyalty can be considered a contemporary version of a narrative agreement: as the reader gives meaning to the words written by the author through the reading of the text, also the client enriches the relationship with a brand through his purchase experiences, choosing how to get in touch (online or on-life) and which products represent him the most.

Monitoring and understanding these actions gives a brand the opportunity to redefine its activity according to the real needs of its clients: from the offer of products and services to the concept of its stores.

It will be the more and more important for companies to know who their clients are, what are their habits and what they like, in order to engage them stimulating a new conversation, enriched by relevant contents and personal experiences.

customer loyalty with NearIT

The italian scenario

According to the report of the Osservatorio Fedeltà of Parma University, almost all the Italian companies that took part in the study are planning to redefine their loyalty strategy in a more personal perspective in 2019.

At present, they spend on average between the 30 and the 70% of their budget for loyalty programs, both for non-profiled activities (26%), and profiled activities (21%).

Speaking about tools and technologies to strengthen the brand-client relationship in a more profiled and contextual way, Italian companies are interested in Proximity marketing, since it allows to engage users directly on their smartphones, in a specific context and when they are looking for something.

customer loyalty with NearIT

The role of Proximity

Proximity Marketing actually works when and where it’s most relevant, so seizing the moment: when clients are more willing to take an action and make their decisions.

The first step is to collect information about the single actions of the clients along their purchase experience, then using these data to engage them personally. Offering unique contents in a specific moment is the way to do this.

customer loyalty with NearIT


Through a dynamic, profiled and contextual communication, a brand can achieve different goals:


  • Interact strategically with clients directly on their smartphone, enhancing this relationship in different moments of the customer journey: when they look up for information, when they do shopping and after their shopping experience;
  • Combine the potential of digital and the characteristics of the store, making it become a more accessible and dynamic place;
  • Enrich the clients’ shopping experience, using technology to create a Wow effect that engage them, at the right time, in the right place.

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