March 2020

Digital Overload? Thanks to Precision Marketing, Digital Detox is Guaranteed

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NearIT and the digital detox

Brands can finally contribute to Digital Detox using marketing strategies tailored to their users needs. They can approach in a new way their clients through a communication based on their own interests, habits and location.

As for many aspects of life, the Digital world  has two sides too: on one side, it enables people to be part of an interconnected and active society, on the other we often abuse of everything  that is online. Today we are constantly connected, ready to receive informations, messages, coupons, but maybe this “giga binge” isn’t the best.

And so after every cheat you got to go on a diet or, in this case, you need a (Digital) Detox period.

NearIT and the digital detox

What Digital Detox is?

Literally the Digital Detox is a time period to spend away from using smartphone, tablet, PC and social media to make our own relationship with technology healthier and more balanced.

But Digital Detox is not just about that.

Numbers of Technological Addiction

In order to turn a wrong approach to an opportunity for continuously learning and improving. let’s start with some numbers linked to technology abuse:

  • 70% of people, check their own smartphone as first action of the day, 
  • on average each of us check the smartphone 2600 times a day, over 5400 in the worst cases,
  • over the half of young people between 18 and 24 get up in the middle of the night to check notifications, messages and incoming calls,
  • the loss of daily productivity is estimated at around 40%,
  • mistakes during working hours increase by 33%.

Isn’t the picture clear enough? Maybe yes, but let’s not panic, there is a solution.
We won’t ask you to lock up your devices or to give up to be connected, indeed. Our cure is a technological one and its name is Precision Marketing.

NearIT and the digital detox

"Tailor-made" Communication is the key

Have you ever heard about it? Here we are to explain it. A tailor-made marketing, just like Precision and Proximity Marketing, allows brands to engage in a new way their users, though a kind of communication based on their interests, habits and geo location.

This way not only you can reach out your user, but you can engage him in a new and personal experience using profiling techniques able to allow companies and merchants to know basic information such as age or gender, or other more important such as interests, preferences and habits.

So, in other words, tailor-made communication allows you to send right contents, to people interested in receiving them, in the right moment. Stop information overload: let’s communicate at our best in a more customized way.

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