January 2019

Domec and NearIT: Collaboration for Proximity Loyalty is Consolidated

NearIT and Domec consolidated their collaboration

NearIT and Domec aim to combine mobile engagement advantages with loyalty services. For this reason the two companies gave birth to new ambitious projects. The partnership’s goal is to simplify and enrich the customer purchasing experience.

The collaboration allows a mix of location marketing technologies with loyalty, cash back, instant win and innovative payment systems: companies will finally be able to communicate at the right time, a winning advantage for every consumer. This will be made possible thanks to a real time integration with the Loyalty Payment programs managed by Domec thanks to the NearIT platform.

“This is a fundamental step for Domec towards omnichannel and everywhere commerce, ” Domec CEO Antonio Sorrentino said . Working with a partner like NearIT will make the shopping experience of consumers even more engaging and immersive“.

Near Srl is an innovative startup that has developed a Contextual Mobile Engagement Platform for the planning and monitoring of Proximity Marketing campaigns. NearIT can be integrated into any app. With its easy-to-use web interface, it allows you create and send personalized and contextualized content to specific targets. In fact, with NearIT you can plan, manage and monitor marketing and communication campaigns for different application contexts (such as shops, museums, shopping centers, tourist realities, fairs and events) by sending personalized content based on the interests of users and their geographical position. The platform is open to integration with various technologies, including Bluetooth, Geofence and Wi-Fi, it works with databases from third parties. Its strength is in a strong resilience to technological evolution.

NearIT and Domec consolidated their collaboration

Domec is a Collaborative FinTech Company, Italian at heart with a multinational approach, they develop innovative technologies in the field of payment systems and value-added services connected to this. Thanks to DOMEC Tools ™, the proprietary cloud SaaS platform, their partners are supported in the path of digital transformation and payment innovation. Domec’s services have been active since 2014 and are currently adopted by banks, public administrations, financial institutions and banking service centers, telephone operators and chain stores in the most diverse product sectors (including 10 retail chains with around 6,000 cash points) . In the four years of Domec Tools business, which was entirely developed at the ‘Research and Development Center in Basilicata’, it has exceeded 25 million transactions  “On-line-Real-Time”.

NearIT and Domec consolidated their collaboration

NearIT and Domec have already had the opportunity to collaborate in the project Bloyalty4U, requested by BPER Banca. Today this project involves 45 businesses belonging to the “Le Vie del Commercio” consortium of the city of Lanciano; a real natural shopping center that marks the first step towards the future of marketing and the loyalty.

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