February 2018

Hospitality: Engage your Guests with a Unique Experience

Mobile strategy
hospitality NearIT

To promote the activity of tourists in the hospitality sector, you must start from the appropriate tool.
Every hotel, resort, residence or tourist village has the right ally to engage and retain its guests. For this reason StartIT could be the key!


Nowadays, the hospitality sector could benefit enormously from an instrument like a well designed and functional mobile app . The opportunities to promote their services and structure are many but, these benefits are not limited only commercially.

A well-planned  Contextual Mobile Engagement strategy  with a tool such as NearIT ensures better results in terms of increased business as well as meaningful qualitative data to be exploited.

hospitality NearIT
hospitality NearIT


To be able to fully enjoy the advantages that an app, enriched by the NearIT platform, can offer, let’s start with user profiling. By asking users, in a non-invasive manner, to share certain information about themselves, such as their age, profession, and tastes, you can send content that is always profiled and of interest. NearIT has the power to use this data, combining it with the users geographical location to send different content to different user groups, thus generating a high level of involvement, unlike what is achieved with generic messages or newsletters. This step is rather crucial and allows truly strategic planning.The value which will be felt also by the user. The ability to get personalized content will increase the level of satisfaction of your users who will recognize the mobile app as valuable tool worth keeping on their smartphone.


A mobile app  integrated with the NearIT features (if you do not have an app yet, have you thought about the StartIT solution?), It will not only promote your business but also that of neighboring structures that may offer complementary services. For example, it could be agreements made with restaurants, tourist offices, bicycle and scooter rental services, tour operators offering promotional spaces on their app reserved only for reserved guests. A commercial network and services such as this has the ability to greatly increase the quality of its services especially in their communication.

Not only communication but also logistics

Logistically there an numerous advantages. An app capable of communicating precisely with different users, based on their geographical position, can be a valuable aid for the logistic management of guests. It would be possible to monitor the access flow to the facility, considering which are the more crowded areas of the hotel or resort.Through the app various operations can be performed simplifying the registration process, such as check-in or check-out from the structure, or the purchase of tickets for the airport or station ,the reservation of a shuttle for transfers. The management of all this activity in the app will lighten the work of the reception staff and above all can be guaranteed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A real smart evolution of customer care services.

hospitality NearIT


In the app operations to win the trust and loyalty of their guests can also be managed. For example, proposing last minute offers, thus maximizing their commercial offers and putting the guest at the center of their strategy, making them increasingly the protagonists. Do not underestimate the opportunity to create gamification experiences allowing guests to accumulate and earn points that could be spent in the structure. These activities are part of customer loyalty activities that will only increase satisfaction with the structure.

What other activities could be planned thanks to NearIT?

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