February 2018

Engage your guests in a unique experience

Mobile strategy

The strategy to promote the business of any accommodation facility starts from the right tool. Every resort, hotel, residence, holiday village has the exact ally to engage and get the loyalty of its guests.

Let's start from a mobile app

Today any hospitality facilities can take a great advantage from a well structured and functional mobile app. There are many opportunities to promote the facility itself and its services, but not just linked to the commercial side. By planning well a contextual mobile engagement strategy with NearIT, it’s possible to get better results, in terms of business and useful data.

Hotels e engagement
tourist engagement

Know your user-customer

To plenty benefit of the advantages offered by an app integrated with NearIT, let’s start from the user profile. By moderately asking to all users to share something about them like, the age, the profession, the tastes, it would be possible to share interesting and profiled contents. NearIT has the power to use these data combining them with the users’ location, in order to send different contents to the different customers cluster, creating a better engagement compared to the one created by general messages and newsletters. This is a crucial step: it allows a really strategic planning , valuable even for the user. The opportunity to get customized contents will increase the the satisfaction level of its users, that will recognise the app as a valuable, nice to have on the smartphone.

A channel not just for you but even for your partner

A mobile app with NearIT (if you don’t have an app think about StartIT!) will help not just the promotion of the hotel itself but also the activity of closest businesses offering accessory services. For example it would be possible agree with restaurants, tourist office, bikes and motorbikes renting, tour operator offering promotional chance on the app, reserved to the hotel’s guests. A commercial relationship is able to increase the quality of the service and moreover its communication.   

Not just communication but even logistic

The logistic benefits are not negligible. An app able to precisely communicate with different users, also based on their location, can be a good help for the logistic management of all the guests. It would be possible to monitor the access flow to the facility, considering which are the more crowded areas of the hotel or resort. Through the app it’s also possible to easily manage all the guests registration process, like check-in or check-out, or the tickets purchase for the airport or the station, or the transfer booking. By managing all these processes with the app, it’s possible to relieve the reception staff making the service available 24/7. A real smart revolution.

App per resort

Gamification and loyalty

Thanks to the app it’s possible to manage other operations to get the loyalty and the trust of the own guests. Last minute offers can be shared, allowing a maximization of the commercial offer and placing the guest in the center of the own strategies, making him protagonist. Don’t underestimate the chance to create a gamification experience: the guest can earn and accumulate points that he could spent inside the hotel. All these activities to get the loyalty of the customer will participate to increase his satisfaction.

Which other activity can you plan with NearIT?


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