April 2018

Engagement at Vinitaly and Verona City

NearIT platform integrated within Vinitaly’s official app.

NearIT al Vinitaly 2018 a Verona

NearIT technology for the promotion of an area

Veronafiere Spa is one of the major exhibition and event organiser in Italy. This year they decided to implement NearIT’s features within the official app of one of the most important events they organise: Vinitaly.

Vinitaly is the exclusive event dedicated to wine and oenology, the most important in Italy. This year it marks its 52° edition for this event that is deeply rooted event in Italy overall and especially in Verona. For us this year’s edition marks the starting point of NearIT’s collaboration with both Veronafiere Spa and Vinitaly.

NearIT integrata nell'app di Vinitaly
NearIT a Vinitaly 2018 a Verona

An event in the city for the city

The organisers envisioned the app as more. They made it a useful tool to connect even further the event with the host city. Considering the great numbers of bookings, appointments or visitation that take part every year in Verona for Vinitaly, it has been decided to utilize all the app features in order to engage visitors in a different and unique way.

Thanks to the NearIT platform, content has been created and planned in order to share historical and cultural information to all app users located in specific areas or near several monument and tourist destinations.

The app fully integrated with NearIT is able to communicate with users based on their geolocalization using geofence and beacon technology.


This is an interesting example of how an event can go beyond just the area where the exhibition takes place and becomes part of the hosting city itself.

NearIT generates event engagement and the opportunity to enhance cities not only for activities but also for their treasures.

NearIT a Vinitaly 2018 a Verona