March 2017

Engagement marketing: NearIT technology solution


Here we are at the final chapter of the saga we have dedicated to the technology solutions that the NearIT platform offers. In the last articles we talked about the proximity aspects and the user segmentation, now we are approaching one of the most relevant aspect in a marketing campaign development: Engagement.

NearIT platform for efficient engagement marketing campaign

NearIT’s principal purpose is to deliver valuable mobile content. This is the fundamental objective of NearIT’s functionality. Its system is designed to deliver every content in the most correct and efficient possible way. By doing so, the user doesn’t feel bothered by the notification and, upon receiving it, he has a good disposition towards it because he appreciates the content’s personalization: this is really for me. As we’ve said already, user-tailored content can create interest and thus engagement.

There are two ways to get the users’ engagement:

  1. If the app is in the background, through a system notification
  2. If the user is using the app, by delivering content

Let’s examine these two points:

  1. The NearIT platform concentrates on maintaining the context even for background events. In this case, a system notification is the tool to reach the user. Waking up user attention can be very valuable, but the notification, while short, must be written very carefully, to persuade the user to tap on it to continue the experience.
  2. If the interaction happens when the app is on, NearIT can deliver a different kind of content.

From our experience, we have learned that the most requested content is multimedia (images, formatted texts, pdf, video and audio), but it can also be feedback requests and discount coupons.

Engagement marketing: sharable contents

Look now at the different kinds of content which is possible to share through an app integrated with the platform NearIT.

Engagement marketing: multimedial content

First of all, the multimedial content that could be made of: formated text and a gallery, video or attached file such as audio or pdf. For instance, in a museum you can share a descriptive audio file of a certain art piece, a textual extract from an interview or a picture of similar art piece which is possible to compare with the one you are looking at. There are many opportunity to make the experience unique, rich and involving.


Engagement marketing: feedback

Then you can ask your users for a feedback. NearIT lets you to ask your visitors to give you a feedback about what he has just experienced using a five stars rating and adding optional comments also. You can easily compare reviews coming from different contexts, putting the same question in different recipes.

During an event for example, you can engage with the visitor asking him to express his thoughts about a speech, this way the coordinator can understand which one has been more successful and appreciated. This is very relevant and useful to organize your event in the best way.

Engagement marketing: coupon

Then there are coupons. NearIT allows you to deliver coupons to your customers, once they are using the App, when something happens or in a precise moment. NearIT’s couponing system is based on a high level security system, it can guarantee you than the coupon has been used just one time.

You can create a coupon with a determinate value, the marketer can choose every time a different value, this value can correspond to a discount or a promotion ( such as 3×2). Coupons could be completely tailored and supplied with a description, a photo, to make it more attractive.

Each coupon has a code, and through three ways NearIT system allows you to verify if it is valid or not:

  1. If you want a smart couponing system, you can use a mobile App to scan the QR code: RedeemIT. This option is perfect for small store, without a big structure.
  2. If your store is without an or a smartphone, you can check the coupon using the platform, you have just to put manually the coupon’s code.
  3. Through our API it’s possible to check and validate the coupon from every operation system. To do that you need a deeper work of integration, it’s ok for big store provided with a well structured counter system. NearIT’s team can support you during the integration of the API.
    This kind of notification is perfect for retail. You can use coupon to share discount and deal with your customers.

Engagement marketing: custom content

Finally there is custom contents. Using NearIT you can deliver content with a structure and design completely customized. A developer can map content through a JSON ( format of data sharing) which is delivered from the app in the context defined from the recipe.

This feature is perfect to spread NearIT’s functionality to every single use case, making a template and interactive experience. Near has used this feature at IAB Forum when, after an interaction with a beacon, the user’ selfie cam has been turned on letting the visitors take a selfie with our mascot face as a digital mask. They could also share it with friends and on social on digital signage screens.


More information for developer

SDK is in charge to detect the contextual event and to provide the right data to the app, in order to deliver the right content. NearIT transmits data in a certain moment while the presentation of these data at the right moment is in charge of the developers.

This is to guarantee the most flexibility possible and the chance to have high quality native interface. By the way if you want save time in developing, NearIT provide you various snippets with templates of our core contents already all set, so you can use them to customize the design.

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