November 2017

Fan engagement: how to bring more people inside sport venues

Mobile strategy

Sport clubs are like big brands: they need marketing strategy to build up their brand awareness to attract customers. It’s important to chase the market news to get the loyalty of their brand.

Sport and technological revolution

In the last few years we have seen a real technology and digital revolution. Many aspects of the market and the everyday life have been hit by this revolution making an inescapable duo: every kind of business needs technology. Sport industry, as a real industry, has been quite receptive in front of this innovation. It was able to accommodate itself committing to the modern technology of innovative marketing able to offer the promotion of the brand. At the same time this is a B2B and a B2C industry. Sport clubs have to manage the relationship with sponsors, to keep them interested in investing money, and with the supporters, important financiers.

fan engagement allo stadio

As this world is more and more facing the technology, sport has to meet the needs of modern supporters. There is no sport without fans, fans are more disposed in front of digital technology follows that sport has to be more digital.

Digital fan engagement

Sport clubs have to plan proper marketing and communication campaigns for their supporters. Their engagement is fundamental and because sport is passion, this engagement has to be emotional. We’ll talk about relational marketing. CRM (customer relationship management) activity is now known as FRM fan relationship management.

The digital transformation has deeply changed man’s perception of the world but moreover of what’s going on around him. The live experience turns into sharabe event to be part of. There are many ways to live the event and the event managers have to take it under consideration. Sport events are like big shows now, so they are called to offer a spectacular experience to their audience. But this is not a normal audience, this is an audience with a deep sense of belonging. To engage them you have to make a marketing strategy able to hit in their passion satisfying specific needs. The biggest clubs in the world are now using the modern technology to offer this kind of experience. They work to build a strong brand awareness aims to create more engagement through social media and new digital tools, like the mobile app.

fan engagement nel calcio

Teams, clubs and sometimes even the athletes become the product to sell and social media speaking efficaciously straight to the supporters, are one of the best tool of promotion.   

Real Madrid is an emblematic case, the Spanish club has used in the best way every promotional channel becoming the millenium’s club. A mobile app is a very efficient tool in supporters’ hands to create engagement. Apps can speak with fan while they are inside the venue using for example the beacon technology (have you read the article about beacons inside sport venues?), or they can engage the supporters if the team plays as guest (do you know the geofence secrets?), and moreover it’s possible to share personalized contents and commercial offers.

If you make supporters protagonist of the sport event playing on their sense of belonging, eventually every fan will be inclined to engage and be loyal to its team. An happy supporter will be more disposed in buying merchandising, and he will support its team increasing the own team’s awareness, and then boosting sales and visibility.

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