December 2017

Feedback value for a marketing strategy

Mobile strategy
Il valore del feedback

Have you ever thought about the importance of receiving feedback from you mobile app users? Have you ever thought about the value of receiving feedback immediately of a campaign that you are investing on and actively promoting?

Feedback and its value

Many times we want to focus our attention on one of the most important aspects of achieving real success of a mobile campaign: the ability to measure it.

The opportunity to know if the activities we have invested money and resources in are working properly is fundamental. Much better if it’s possible to know if a campaign is having success or not while it’s taking place and not when it’s over. This way it would be possible to improve it, making the changes required to improve the engagement results. It’s quite common for a mobile user to receive a request to express an opinion about an experience. For example Google asks you to express an opinion about a place where you have been, like a restaurant, the same happens on the social networks or on a website born with this purpose to review places or shops, like TripAdvisor.

Feedback per strategia di marketing

To better understand the value of your marketing strategies, an appreciation from a final user is very important because behind a marketing strategy there is an economic investment, so feedback has a monetary value.  

Feedback’s value: a concrete example

For example, thanks to NearIT you can share with your users particular feedback requests, getting an immediate result.

During the I-Days concerts (look at the use case page) NearIT was used to plan recipes to deliver feedback request to all the participants. The recipe was set to be delivered just to the people who were detected inside the geofence the day before. That’s to avoid to disturb even those who were not be at the concert. The results of this activity were impressive. More than 20% of the people reached from a notification decided to open it and shared its opinion. This is a clear evidence that a well prepared and contextualized activity gets concrete results. Thanks to the feedback collected was possible to understand the quality of the logistics and services offered, identifying weaknesses to improve.

We underline the importance of a contextualized activity: contextualized feedback have more success.

Feedback: result and tool of engagement

Asking feedback to you users you create a proper engagement relationship with them.

It’s not more a one-sided activity, or rather just from the app owner to the user, but it gets a mutual communication channel. This aspect adds important value. For instance if you consider the retail industry, the expression of a user’s judgment about his experience inside the shop where he has used a coupon creates a loyal and trustful relationship. The campaign manager will be active and passive at the same time. The user will provide important opinions. All this data will be used to enrich the database and to know them better, in order to target them more efficiently in any kind of activity.

Once the active part of the campaign is over, it will start the second and relevant phase: the passive waiting time to get the results of the first phase. Remember that NearIT’s work is not over after the coupon’ sending to the selected target, have looked at the Analytics section?

Do you want to know how to improve your campaign to get more valuable results from your users?


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