December 2017

The value of feedback on your marketing

Mobile strategy
Il valore del feedback

Have you ever considered the importance of receiving feedback from users of your mobile app?
Have you ever stopped to think about the value of receiving a real time opinion related to your marketing campaign? So, with NearIT you can.


Focusing on one of the most important aspects related to the true success of any mobile campaign: its measurability. Knowing if the activities in which we have invested time and resources are perceived in the correct way by the recipients is essential. It is even better knowing whether or not  success was realized during the actual campaign, and not at its end. This way, there is a possibility to improve your strategy, making changes that could ensure the success of your engagement activities.

Mobile users are increasingly faced with requests to express their opinion on various experiences. Google for example asks users to express opinions on a place that you have just visited, such as a restaurant, and so does social media, not to mention portals born with the purpose of reviewing places and businesses, like TripAdvisor.

Feedback per strategia di marketing

To better understand the value of your marketing strategies, the appreciation of a final user is very important because behind every marketing strategy there is some economic investment, so feedback has a monetary value.


With NearIT, for example, it is possible to share a with its users feedback request particularly, obtaining an immediate result.

For example, during the I-Days event (if you missed it, read the use case card) with NearIT, recipes were planned to deliver feedback requests to all those who participated in the concert. Not to risk disturbing all the owners of the app, especially those that maybe had not yet been at the concert, the recipe was set in such a way that it was delivered only to those who had been detected in the entrance of the concert area. This activity has led to really remarkable results. As many as 20% of all those who had been reached by a notification have responded positively to the input by opening it and then sharing their opinion. This testifies to the fact that a well planned and above all contextualized activity leads to concrete results. Thanks to the feedback collected it was possible to make some considerations on the logistics, services offered, also identifying shortcomings and weaknesses which was appropriate to work on.

We therefore repeat that the right contextualization is always wins: contextualized feedbacks are more successful.

feedback negli eventi live


Requesting feedback on the experience also creates an important engaging relationship with them.

The activity is therefore no longer one-sided, ie directed by those who offer a certain service to the users of the app, but it becomes a mutual relationship. This aspect has a fundamental value. For example, if you think about the retail sector, the fact that users expresses themselves in relation to the brand or shop where they has just received a discount coupon, creates an important relationship of trust and exchange. The campaign manager will be active and passive at the same time. The user will provide important opinions.

All this data will be used to enrich the database and to know them better, in order to target them more efficiently in any kind of activity.

Once the active part of the campaign is over, the second and relevant phase starts: the passive waiting time to get the results of the first phase. Remember that NearIT’s work is not over after sending the coupon to the selected target,  Take look at our Analytics section to find out more.

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