September 2017

Technological and digital innovation in the Food Sector

Mobile strategy
NearIT and food

Technological innovation is constantly changing every aspect of our life. It’s slowly involving also one of our most primitive needs: that is the consumption of food. So, if you want to succeed you may adjust your business to this new world. Let’s see how you can do it! 

Soluzioni di marketing innovativo di NearIT per i ristoranti

How the experience is evolving

Due of the increasingly hectic pace, work schedules  that often takes us away from home, during the week we eat out: as stated by FIPE Federation of public exercises, there are 39 million adults of age who today consume, more or less habitually, food outside their home.

This figure is definitely encouraging for the players in the food sector seeing as this is a positive trend regarding their business. However, as the number of meals consumed in restaurants, bars and fast food places increases, so has the needs of consumers. They increasingly tie food to a real experience. You must therefore strive to create an engaging experience satisfying for all (read also “How the consumers’ habits are changing thanks to the Smartphone”).

in the service industry

The most significant innovation in the food sector is certainly linked to the distribution service. Starting from all solutions related to home delivery, the possibility of ordering meals online or via apps, merchants are updating their methods to make their services more modern.

Although the world of food and technology seem to be distant, it is clear that in order to win the competition of ever-growing offers, a restaurateur must implement innovative strategies to offer an increasingly satisfying service for its customers.

Not only good food, but also an attractive service offering  that can lead consumers to choose to go to one place rather than another.

Innovazione digitale nel food con NearIT
Mobile strategy al ristorante con NearIT

Food and engagement
through an app

Why not take advantage of these new technologies? Smartphones, omnipresent companions in the life of every user, can open a channel of preferential communication that can be effectively exploited by restaurant operators.

The goal is obviously to make  occasional customers regular customers, loyal to the service offered because of its  quality. But there are many ways to offer quality. For example, responding to the growing interest in everything related to the production chain of raw materials, or offering nutritional information on the dishes offered. Contents of this kind are in demand: the need to know what is being eaten is growing , at the same time, the desire to share their dining experiences with others. This is sometimes done through social networks.

Consumers constantly use their smartphones even in restaurants. For example, when they are alone on their lunch break and need an outlet to while away time.

Restaurant owners, by offering content that can be accessed through the smartphone, can easily exploit this opportunity to their advantage.  The easiest and most immediate way to do so is through the mobile app of a business, prompting occasional customers to download the app, building loyalty thereby turning them into regular customers (if you don’t have an app have a look at StartIT).   

Through a personal app you can sponsor your communication activities, enabling you share highly personalized and contextualised content: a unique functionality offered by NearIT.

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