September 2017

Food Marketing: Technology and digital innovation in the food industry

Mobile strategy

Technology innovation is changing many aspects of users’ life, moreover is now conditioning one of the most basic aspects: the food consumption.

Soluzioni di marketing innovativo di NearIT per i ristoranti

The user-customer experience

Because of the chaotic modern life style, most of the time the food consumption is not at home. As more and more people work far from home, during week days people get lunch outside: as the Federation of Public Spaces of Italy stated, every day more than 39 million of Italians are now having a meal outside home.

The food industry players should be encouraged by this data and very positive trend. More people are having meals outside, they are getting more demanding and expecting to make their food consumption an engaging, unforgettable and valuable experience.   

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Service innovation

The most important innovation has taken place in the distribution services. Home delivery and online or in-app reservations are making food services modern and innovative.  

Even if food and technology come from far and different worlds, it’s clear that to differentiate in constant growing competition a restaurant has to update and put in place an innovative strategy to offer its evolving customers a satisfying experience.

It’s no longer just good food but the ability to attract customers encouraging  them to chose a restaurant instead of another one that it’s defining the industry.  

Innovazione digitale nel food con NearIT
Mobile strategy al ristorante con NearIT

Food and engagement through an app

Why don’t take advantage of new technologies? Smartphones, for example, are an everyday companion for users. Mobile devices in general can open a new channel of efficient communication for the food industry players benefit.  The objective is to make an occasional customer a regular one because of the value in the service. There are many the ways to offer value. For example, meet the growing interest about the restaurant’s food production chain or nutritional information of the featured dish of the day. This kind of contents are requested often, the desire to know more about what is being eaten is growing, and at the same time, the will to share this food experience on social networks.

Consumers are willing to use their smartphones inside restaurants, especially if for example they have to pass the time during the lunch break. The restaurant management can meet the customers’ requests offering exclusive content available on their smartphone to easily take advantage of this opportunity. The easiest and more immediate way to do that is through the restaurant’s mobile app pushing the occasional customer to download it helps encourage them becoming regulars (if you don’t have an app look at StartIT).   

A mobile app is a perfect tool to promote a business, especially if through the app it’s possible to share personalized and contextual contents: features offered by NearIT.

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