September 2017

Geotag: one recipe for many places


Geotag: one recipe, many places

More and more, retailers and traders need  to make quicker and more efficient all the activities of planning a communication and marketing campaign.

By developing the Geotag feature, team NearIT has fulfilled this requirement . Every geofence, beacon or indoor area can be tagged to identify specific common characteristics. Thanks to Geotag is possible to make recipes interact with many places at the same time, as long as they got the same tag.

Who can take advantage from this feature?

Geotags can be fundamental to make quicker the campaign planning, especially for all the retailers that have to manage the same activity in different places, such as chain of stores, franchise with stores in many cities and countries.

Using the Geotag you can make one recipe but associated to many geographical areas, as long as they have  the same tag in common. You can get the maximum possible engagement without making too many different recipes and save time and resources.

Once you select an area, you can associate as many tags as you want.

Consider also that every beacon acquires all the tags owned by the geofence area where it is.

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