January 2018

Location data: a great advantage for all the digital marketing and communication agencies clients.

Il valore dei dati geografici

The traditional digital marketing strategies always provided by communication agencies may be not sufficient to fulfill their clients business needs. Now they can offer something really innovative.

An alternative and innovative service

Communication and media agencies are now facing their clients demand to plan a communication and marketing strategy that consider also the mobile dimension. It has to be also able to enrich the CRM with information. Thanks to the services offered by the traditional digital marketing, it’s possible to collect data about the purchase behaviour, about the most frequent research of the users, data about the users cluster. But the most missed data are the ones about the location habits.

The real value offered by NearIT: location data

All the data about the most popular places among the users, who have agreed to be tracked, have a great value. NearIT, integrated inside the mobile app of any clients, allows him to reach the mobile consumers with profiled contents and moreover to collect very important data about their location, in order to enrich the CRM with information that otherwise would be impossible to have.

More you know about your mobile consumers better you can plan an activity that aims to properly satisfy their needs.

If a client doesn’t have an app?

More often media and communication agencies have to work with clients which have not invested in buying a mobile app. There are many reasons because of that. First because having just one store they don’t understand the value that an app can give to their business. Then they don’t think that a mobile app could be really functional for their business. To fulfill this necessity is now available the technological kit StartIT with the customizable mobile app and the contextual mobile engagement platform NearIT already integrated. Thanks to StartIT every business owner can immediately start to communicate with his mobile users taking advantage of all the benefits the platform NearIT can guarantee, data collection and analysis about the location behaviour included (Have you red about Beasy?).

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