August 2016

How to Create a Mobile Coupon with NearIT


What's a mobile coupon?

Today, more and more people are looking for discount and promotions and to take exclusive advantages, they also share personal data. Good news for marketers who, thanks to information about personal data and interests people decide to share, can create tailored made offers.

With mobile couponing, it is possible to send personalized discount and promotions to users on their smartphones. Regarding some market research, the number of users who download discount coupons from their devices is increasing exponentially year by year.

mobile couponing with nearit

Mobile Coupon: 3 pros

Efficient Communication

  • thank to customers’ in-store research with smartphones;
  • thanks to geo-localization, sending discount coupons during shopping experience increases redemption rate.

At your fingertips

With personalized offers for consumers always in the pocket just a click away.


With this technology, you can say goodbye to leaflets and totems inside the shop and cut traditional offline promotional activities costs.

How to Create a Mobile Coupon with NearIT

How to take advantage from tailored-made communication on personal smartphone? It’s easy, with proximity marketing and NearIT to easily create mobile coupon with few clicks.

To send a coupon, when you create a recipe, during the second step “What”, select the option “coupon” and insert:

  • name;
  • coupon icon;
  • value (10% OFF, 2×1);
  • short description;
  • expiration date;
  • notification title and message, that will appear on user’s smartphone.

Save the coupon and go ahead with recipe creation selecting the “Trigger” and….all it’s done!

All the saved coupons, will automatically be saved in the section “Coupons” so that you can use them to create your future recipes.
In the creation of the next recipes, you can choose to create a new coupon or:
Use one of the created coupons, with the same data;
Create a new coupon starting from a coupon previously created editing some options.

Even if, these two possibilities seem to be similar, there’s a difference particularly concerning the analytics:

  • on one hand, if you create a recipe with a previously created coupon, if a user, part of the target selected, has just received the coupon, he’ll not receive it again. In this case, coupon analytics aggregate all the data coming from the various recipes where you use it;
  • on the other hand, if you edit some options, the coupon is like a new one, so if the user interact with the recipe, a new code will be generated and the statistics will be different depending on the single coupon.

With our platform you can create content. The developer will link coupon data with app layout. You can also decide to insert a QR or a bare code to simplify code’s reading.

Each coupon code is unique and personal, for each users will be automatically generated only one code only when it reaches user’s device.

On our servers, we track all coupons sent and redeemed. So, in every moment it is possible to track app users coupons data and users can always see their coupon list, without losing them!

Coupon Redemption

When consumer decides to use the tailored-made promotion, the check-out assistant on our platform can see the validity, the steps are:

  • enter the section “Coupon”;
  • click on “redeem”;
  • digit the code manually or you can read it thanks to a QR or a barcode reader;
  • redeem it, when it is valid.

In our platform, we give information only on discount validity, then the check-out assistant will apply the discount on the entire cart amount!

Thanks to analytics on the platform you can track:

  • single coupon statistics (even if it is used in various recipes);
  • number of notifications sent;
  • number of notifications opened;
  • number of coupons redeemed;
  • recipes’ statistics, useful to know where the same coupon has performed better.

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