July 2016

How Does NearIT Work?


Proximity in a snap

“Proximity in a snap”, it is how we like to describe our product, but how it is possible to create proximity marketing campaigns in an easy way?

It’s simple! You need only 3 ingredients:

  • an app;
  • our SDK;
  • your creativity.

We developed a product to send to the right people the right message in the right context. Our strength point is a user-friendly interface which allows everyone to use it.

But, what do you need to start using NearIT and to take advantages from it? User should have downloaded an app, for example the retail’s app, where it was integrated our SDK. The content created thanks to our platform will be shown on user’s device thanks to the app!

Here is an example with a shoes’ shop.

The shop has its app “ Shoes’ Shop”. The retailer decides the way to send messages to app users (push, beacon technology, geo-localication). If the decision is “beacon technology”, beacons have to be installed inside the shop. The developer integrates our SDK in the app, enters the platform, sets all the features (set the beacons, insert a map, set push notifications, set data mapping) and can give the retailer or marketer the platform to start creating efficient proximity marketing campaigns to creare engagement with app users, drive people to the shop and boost sales. So, when – for example – a woman is near a shop, she receives a discount on a pair of heels, however a man can receive the video with the promotion of a new pair of sport shoes.

Retailer can always check the results of the campaigns, how many messages have been sent, read and how many coupons have been redeemed. All quickly, easily and immediately. But, NearIT is only for the retail to send personalized discount coupons? Sure, not! 

Our platform is not only for retail, but also for other businesses, activities or context such as hotels, hospitals, museums and events. All you can do is try and let you creativity fly, to find different way to take advantages with this tool.

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