August 2016

How to Analyze the Results of a Proximity Marketing Campaign


In Proximity Marketing, and in the field of Marketing in general, triggered campaign’s results analysis is crucial to understand if you’re reaching your goals. A real-time analysis is still more efficient. You can improve your strategy and gain the best results ever.

Marketing Analysis Tools importance

Campaign’s realization and launch are not sufficient. You need to analyze its trend to know its strength and to improve it, to know what works with the clients and what does not. Results help taking better decisions in the future, analysis helps improving campaigns output.


NearIT Tools to Analyze Proximity Marketing Campaigns

Our platform has simple and easy analysis tools which allow everyone to learn from results, evaluate engagement created with the triggered campaigns thanks to a user-friendly web interface. Data are shown clearly thanks to personalizable graphics.
Real-time results are one of our strength points. The platform allows a deep analysis of the campaigns. In a snap, you can monitor how many people received or read the messages, how many people answered surveys and how many people redeemed the coupons.

NearIT, offers three different analysis levels. You can monitor the trend of all the launched campaigns and go deep to the single recipe.


marketing campaign analysis
NearIT analysis tools

Analytics General Overview

If you enter general analytics, you can have a general overview of all the recipes created.


Monitor the efficiency of all the triggered campaigns in a single screen, to see at a glance, launched campaigns’ results.

You can know:

  • total number of users who received notifications
  • average conversion rate, so the percentage of people who end the funnel (answer the survey and/or redeem the coupon);
  • graphic which shows daily/weekly or monthly the number of received notifications and the conversions.

Beacon interactions


  • number of users reached by beacons;
  • number of interactions with beacons;
  • users’ reachability.

Know if users’ devices are reachable by NearIT. Users are divided in:

  • fully reachable;
  • partially reachable;
  • unreachable.

Data are shown with an intuitive graphic with percentage. Learn also the reasons why your users weren’t reachable from the campaigns:

  • bluetooth is turned Off;
  • localization permission is not granted;
  • permission to receive push notifications is not granted.


This feedback is useful to know users’ behaviour and to consequently work to increase interaction and engagement rate. The solution for the first two problems should be, for example, send them a push notification to turn the bluetooth on or to enable localization.


Single Recipe Analytics

Discover the trend of each campaign. You can analyze the results of every single recipe to evaluate its efficacy in real time, so to improve it immediately.

Thanks to this analytics, you can see:

  • funnel, which shows you the engagement rate reached. The shown data depend on the type of content sent with the recipe. You can always see the number of notifications received and opened;
  • details, which show you the daily/weekly/monthly interactions trend.


Coupon Statistics

Analyze the trend of every single promotion, with NearIT you know:

  • number of received coupons;
  • number of redeemed coupons.

If you compare this two results, you have a whole vision of your campaign so to know which coupons work better, which one have the best redemption rate and so which are the best strategy to use with your customers.

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