June 2016

Proximity Marketing: How to Create Successful Campaigns?


By now the old rules of marketing do not work anymore, firing on the crowd will wipe out all your efforts. Sending the right message to the right person at the right time: this is the key to success. Harder said than done, rest assured there’s no need for any arithmetic formula, just follow our simple recipes.

How to create the first successful recipe with NearIT?

NearIT offers a ready, simple and quick solution to do proximity marketing. The recipe is the set of processes to be performed to set the right message to be sent to the target of people you selected. The image of the recipe hints at something magic that actually happens between your business and your user: with NearIT you can create engagement by building a sort of alchemy with your customers.

Making every customer feel special, making him feel unique, providing content that may involve him personally as an individual and not as an average user, will distinguish you from your competitors and help you creating a special relationship of trust between you and your customer.

Proximity marketing is really easy

In fact, only 3 steps are enough to set the platform with all your needs.

WHO: select your “typical user” and decide whom to send the message by segmenting the audience

WHAT: select the type of message to be sent

  • text, to which you can attach video, image or additional text
  • closed questions
  • discount coupons

TRIGGER: set the sending of the message,

  • immediately
  • when an action is performed: beacon – it is also possible to select the beacon previously set and placed on the map you uploaded.

Here’s how in a few minutes you have created your personalized message and decided to whom and when to send it. Then, you can modify and suspend it at any time.

Try to set and create your messages through our platform and you will be able to see with your own eyes how much your business can benefit from it.

Keep in mind that before recipes’ creation, you should set all the features from the Setting Menu to proceed without errors. Don’t worry the developer who has integrated our SDK in the app can do it for you.

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