May 2017

How to increase customers loyalty with NearIT

Mobile strategy

The importance to increase loyalty of your customer

The final goal of every communication and marketing campaign is to get the customers’ loyaltyEach actions has to be carefully planned to be functional and effecient, it has to hit the recipient. The marketer has to understand needs of his mobile users to identify the right startegy to satisfy them.

It has been proven that it’a cheaper increase the loyalty of a frequent customer instead of work to conquesr a new one. NearIT works for this purpose to allow the planning of a successful mobile CRM strategy to get the customers’ loyalty. All the information about an app user, based on their past behaviour  or their tastes and interests, could be used to target and classify them. The marketer has to remember that every client is different.


Increase your customers’ loyalty with tailored contents

Personalized solutions have to be offered, based on clients’ usual behaviour which have various needs. Through the utilization of the most common technological devices, such as the smartphone, the app owner can understand more about his users and use these information to communicate with them. A focused communication who doesn’t go wasted.

How to create content to increase customes’ loyalty

NearIT can be easily integrated in every mobile application  and allows a flexible and multiple management of your own marketing and communication campaign just in three steps: identify WHO, choose WHAT and select TRIGGER.



NearIT is a platform able to manage users’ profile allowing an high level of knowledge, that’s to transmit a personalized campaign . Through the platform integration is possible to identify a users target, WHO, selected because of their common characteristic. But the content makes the difference to actually increase the customers’ loyalty.

Plannig a campaign using NearIT, the second step is about WHAT. Thank to its flexible and versatile technology, NearIT allows you to create 100% customized contents. It’s possible to share with all your mobile users, or just some of them, audio contents, pictures, videos o texts or create ad hoc experiences. The right content will make the user more involved makeing the campaign more efficient and focused pushing the customers’loyalty.

Because of the increasing purchase opportunities, it’s important to be different earning the appreciation of your clients, offering them a valuable service. All these will eventually increase the customers’loyalty in your brand.

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