April 2017

Use mobile technology to boost in-store sales and customers’ engagement

Mobile strategy

Improve the quality of your services using contextual mobile engagement

We have already talked about the importance of an efficient mobile strategy able to boost sales and customers satisfaction.

Frequently used technological devices that users are already familiar with can be great tools to make promotional activities more efficient. This doesn’t mean just increasing in-store sales, but rather creating long lasting relationships with your clients. The “customer journey” is becoming more and more complex. Users are now taking purchase decisions in store, on-line or while using mobile devices. Retailers have to consider other technologies and conform them to their marketing strategies in order to satisfy their clients’ needs, sometimes moving them up even pulling advantages.

It’s efficient thinking about a strategy that could put in contact on-line shopping and in-store experience.

Pay attention to the “context” to bring customers inside the store and to create engagement

Let’s start from a consideration: why do you go shopping? Basically for two different reasons: for necessity or for pastime. On one hand is the intention to spend time looking for something we like, and on the other hand is the necessity to find what we need in the fastest way possible.  In this scenario the chance to communicate instantly with your clients, when they are close to the store, it’s very important.

Offering the right content to a user that in a certain moment is going around shopping, just for fun, will increase the engagement, because it will meet his necessity to feel satisfied.

On the other side suggesting the right content to the person who is in need of that will increase his satisfaction. It will push him to engage with a store able to offer him what he needs respecting his tastes and in the precise moment he is close to the store.

The retailer has to build up a relationship with his clients meeting their needs to increase the engagement. Facing the evolution of the purchase experience, it’s really important to use the mobile technology: smartphones and apps make it possible to get in touch with the user pushing him to purchase in store.

What can NearIT do?

NearIT could be a very important ally. In a context where users are continuously overwhelmed by impulses, it’s important to be sure that yours are successful.

NearIT is a contextual mobile engagement platform that allows you to plan tailored contents and share them through the smartphone depending on the context you have planned. It works taking under consideration the sending context, and the specific content’s recipient. All this taking advantages of several technologies such as Bluetooth, WI-FI, geolocalization: NearIT is very flexible and open to many opportunities.

What are the real advantages?

NearIT is not only a great tool for commercial activities. By integrating NearIT in your App you can in fact:

  • Segment your users to know their habits and tastes
  • Analyze data coming from the in-store behaviour
  • Send feedback request about their experience
  • Monitor sales flow and the efficacy of promotional activities.

Proximity marketing activities are able to give new life to the physical store, and allow you to increase the quality of your service, thus increasing the customer satisfaction.

Happy clients will be encouraged to purchase again in your store, where they had a great customer experience!

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