September 2017

The mobile app role in the Food marketing innovation


It’s an everyday reality: The food and beverage industry has to be reinforced with new marketing strategies. The competition is getting hard and the number of potential customers having a meal out is increasing. The hunt for the loyalty has started.

Food innovation: where should we start?

The restaurant owners are warned: in order to beat the competition they have to act like entrepreneurs making innovative marketing strategies based on the technological availability of the modern customer.

Today customers are  now smartphone owners and users expecting to receive an innovative service. We have already talked about the efficacy of reaching users on their devices. The number of users who want to use technological devices inside shops, bars, and restaurants is increasing: let’s make them happy.


Food innovation starting from an App

Having a mobile app is very valuable for every retailer, even for food and beverage retailers. A mobile app has a great advantage, because of its branding activity and because it’s a direct and effective communication channel with every mobile user. An app, in order to be successful, needs a precise purpose and has to bring a concrete advantage.

(Do you want to know all the advantage to have a mobile app?)

An app can share contents to inform every user about the ongoing offers at the store, or can send coupons or the menu of the day. This tool can be used for many purposes, and moreover it can bring substantial benefits.

An innovative app to get engagement

A precise mobile strategy can generate advantages to all the individuals involved. But let’s see which activity can have a good influence on the quality of the food service offered. Thanks to the integration with NearIT’s contextual mobile engagement platform, restaurant owners will change the way they communicate with their users/ customers.

By using the engagement features available, brand awareness and customer satisfaction will increase making the experience memorable.

What can NearIT offer?

You can plan your campaign considering the users’ geographical location, or their habits. If meal deals for students are your core business, it’s good to intercept them while they are leaving school or the campus, by placing a geofence exactly above them. It could be good even engage your users when they are close to a competitor, pushing them to change idea. Thanks to all the data collected with location analytics you can get data that can help you in planning better your activities.     

You can benefit from all the data shared with your mobile users in the app. Looking at Salesforce survey, world leader in CRM and Marketing Automation, it’s clear how 94% of marketing professionals think that offering a personalized offers you can increase your sales. With NearIT you can personalize every campaign: different content and offers for different user clusters.    

food-marketing-solution-with NearIT-platform

Use NearIT Geotag to activate different a campaign in each one of your stores. In this way you can diversify your marketing activities in different places where customers need offers and specific promotions.

Reward their loyalty of your regular customers, but also send push notifications through your app to all users who haven’t visited your place for a while just to remember what’s new. NearIT, contextual mobile engagement platform, can offer many opportunities to renovate the food and beverage industry.

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