June 2017

Innovative Marketing: the solution for your business strategy

Mobile strategy

Nowdays facing this technological and social progress the old business strategies are no longer working.
Now marketers has to rely in the innovative marketing to successfully promote a brand.

Innovative marketing advent

The new technologies such as internet, smartphones and social networks have had a great impact over consumers life and their way to get in touch with a company. Now they want to feel as the decision maker of their purchase journey . They have their own tastes, wishes, opinions which is important to take under consideration. They keep up with the latest news, they are aware users, they can independently decide what’s the best choice. It seems that attract the consumers attention is getting hard, but companies can play a trump card to get the interest of their customers: the innovative marketing.

Innovative marketing Vs traditional marketing

The traditional marketing obtains unsatisfied results: the same message for everyone without any difference among age, tastes, interests push the customers to ignore it. Even SMS and leaflets are no longer considered because antiquated and inefficient.

To attract the consumers’ attention is important innovate not just the contents but also the way to present them.
Thanks to the innovative marketing, able to integrate new technologies, it’s possible to reach every segment of your own target, putting the attention over when and how the message has been presented.

NearIT innovative marketing
Innovative marketing solution by NearIT

NearIT: the solution for innovative Marketing

The innovative marketing is able to connect brands with consumers, it can offer a unique and new experiences thanks to the new technologies such as smartphone. NearIT has developed the ideal solution to engage your mobile users, a software that can be integrated in a mobile app and that focus its attention on the context, it can reach the mobile user in the most suitable situation previously planned.

Thanks to NearIT, the contextual mobile engagement platform, it is possible to examine the customer journey, online and in-store, so you can understand the consumers’ behaviour and identify the most suitable innovative marketing solutions.

By selecting a certain target NearIT allows to deliver interesting messages through notification, coupons, photos, videos, pdf and interactive games. Thanks to the innovative marketing strategies offered by NearIT, the advertisement will no more be annoying but will offer an unforgettable purchase experience.

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