May 2018

La Via del Gusto of Terracina has its app

The first Natural Shopping Center project has launched. StartIT has been chosen to engage all the Terracina’s visitors thanks to its pioneering app.

StartIT Terracina

A business network
with some more

La Via del Gusto is a network of 31 agribusiness companies in Terracina. It was born to promote traditional products to make them available for as many people as possible.   

This everyday commitment made of shared attempts has the goal to reach a positive and favourable result for all involved but moreover for the territory.

StartIT per La via del Gusto di Terracina
StartIT Terracina

A mobile app in service
of the territory

The mobile app “La Via del Gusto” has been developed from the technological StartIT kit in order to engage visitors and tourists in a unique experience discovering typical products.
An innovative app conceived in service of the 31 companies taking part in the project, to allow them to most efficiently communicate with all the users passing by the Terracina area. The user is asked to download the app by localized social campaigns and thanks to an informative activity.

Once the visitor has downloaded the app, he will be reached by exclusive contextualized messages and commercial offers. Thanks to the integration with NearIT, the app will be able to share personalized contents based on users’ preferences.
This is a big chance to know visitors’ taste and interests better in order to always offer them the best.


NearIT tells something more...

NearIT analytics section will offer specific data about campaign results. Each merchant will be informed about its most successful content: a great service to support both the individual and the collective endeavor. The corporation will be in charge of managing the promotion activity through the app for all merchants. This will strengthen all relationships, whether of business or not.

This venture will make Terracina closer to its tourists with many advantages for retailers and their clients but also for increasing the territory’s fame.

StartIT Terracina