May 2018

La Via del Gusto di Terracina

Terracina is a border city based between the mountains and the sea, halfway between Rome and Naples.
Mythology tells us that Ulisse probably met Circe, the magician, right here.
Its historical background is very rich in traditions as well as in
wine and food products. However, only a few people know.

StartIT Terracina

A digital network
of local businesses

Fabio Cervoni, Head of  Casa del Lavoro e dell’Impresa di Terracina and Manager delle Rete di Imprese, wanted to highlight the local food and wine excellence in a smarter way by engaging tourists in a journey to discover and experience the tastes of the city.

For this reason, he decided to gather the local merchants in a digital network, creating  some natural shopping centers within the most strategic areas of the city in terms of tourism and local businesses.

StartIT per La via del Gusto di Terracina
StartIT Terracina

La Via del Gusto di Terracina

La Via del Gusto di Terracina is an app that allows the local merchants not only to be more visible to tourists and visitors, but also to promote their services and products more efficiently.

Indeed, through the integration of NearIT platform, they can send profiled and contextualized information according to their customers’ interests and geographical position.

As Fabio Cervoni said: “We strongly believe that La Via del Gusto can improve how tourists experience our territory because they will be more engaged in the story and traditions of our wine and food excellence.”

The digital network of Terracina includes more than 30 local businesses not only in the fishing industry, but also in the food industry.

“Before using the platform, merchants  were skeptical. However, its easy usability convinced them to join the network.”

If you walk around the port, it is likely that you will receive an  invitation to try the pick of the day from a restaurant nearby.

The new look of the city

La Via del Gusto project is an opportunity to redefine the image of Terracina, which is becoming  more integrated in terms of the services it offers.

The next step of the municipality is to expand the digital network of other businesses and to strengthen their ability to use technology to communicate their value.

StartIT Terracina