January 2018

The Great Value of Location Data: an Extra Step for your Business

Mobile strategy
great value of location data

Traditional digital marketing strategies may no longer be sufficient to meet your business needs, but that changes now!
In fact today you can boost your activity thanks to the location data collected through technologies. You can know better all your clients’ habits so that you can offer them exactly what they’re looking for.


Web marketing, Content Management System, but also Engagement and User Experience. Like any self-respecting language, even that of online communication has its own vocabulary in which the “mobile” word cannot be missing.

According to the We are Social and Hootsuite 2019 Global Digital Report, to date there are more than 5 billion unique mobile phone users, with an increase of 2% in the last year (100 million more). A figure that confirms the central role of the smartphone in our habits, which however change from person to person: looking for information on products and services to make a purchase, pay the bill at the restaurant, or even reach a place and share a picture on social media.

Faced with the evolution in the way of thinking, organizing and living one’s own experiences, the question for companies is not whether to reach or engage their users through the smartphone, but how and especially when to do so.

NearIT and location data
NearIT and location data


Some technologies can collect information regarding purchases, the most frequent online searches made by users, personal data (such as gender and age), but not geo-behavioral ones, which can make a difference when it comes to mobile marketing.

The precise combination of personal data and geographical data makes it possible to plan an effective digital strategy.

Knowing where our users were, how long they have stopped in areas that are of particular interest to us, what is the area of ​​a store that attracts the customer’s attention more or when they have left geofence that we have strategically placed on the territory, allows us to build a more personal and non-invasive user experience.

Matter of Trust

However, to reach  users when they are close to strategic places is only possible with the help of an app,  the tool with which the Proximity technology, in compliance with the privacy policy terms, convey the contents in a profiled and geo-located manner using the user’s position when they have the smartphone in their pockets.

By downloading the app, during registration, users are asked to give consent to use their position by explaining what content they will receive, in what modality and for what purpose. Thanks to this step, the obligations regarding privacy are fulfilled and the relationship with users is consolidated. They will not receive just any content, but content that interests them when they look for something, thus increasing their confidence and their involvement towards the brand.

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