January 2018

The Great Value of Location Data: an Extra Step for your Business

Mobile strategy
great value of location data

Traditional digital marketing strategies may no longer be sufficient to meet your business needs, but that changes now!
In fact today you can boost your activity thanks to the location data NearIT produces for you. It’s something really innovative. You can now know better all your clients’ habits so that you can offer them exactly what they’re looking for. Let’s find out why!

A revolutionary
and exclusive service

Agencies and media centers today are confronted by increasingly demanding mobile oriented customers.

This insight into the the behaviour of today’s consumers has resulted in the need to set up marketing and communication strategies that also include a mobile dimension.With the added possibility of enriching the information stored in the CRM of companies with new data,  there is so much to be earned!

With “traditional” digital marketing services you can collect data with regards to: purchase habits, frequent user searches, personal data (such as gender, age, etc.). Yet, it is not possible to find all the information relevant to users’ geo-behavioral habits.

great value of location data
great value of location data

Location data: a valuable source of information
offered by NearIT

The behavioral data collected concerning places frequented by mobile users, with their consent to track their position, have considerable value.

NearIT, integrated within its own mobile app, not only allows users to reach highly profiled content but, also allows you collect sensitive geographical data. The data collected enriches the CRM with additional information on user geo-locational activities that would otherwise be impossible to find.

You know where your users were, how long they stopped in areas of special interest to you, what area of ​​your store attracts the attention of your customers or when they have left the geofence that you have strategically placed on the territory.

From a greater knowledge of users comes a greater awareness of the activities and strategies that can be planned and implemented to satisfy their needs in a complete and satisfying way.

If a customer does not have an app?

Often we find ourselves working with businesses that have decided not to invest in the development of a mobile app. The reasons could vary. They could have only one point of sale and for this reason perceive no added value this tool could bring to their business, or a mobile app is  not considered functional for a specific slice of their clientele. In short, the reasons could be numerous.

Near has thought about this, to compensate for this lack, we conceived StartIT, a technological package with a decidedly competitive price, it consists of a mobile app already integrated to the NearIT Contextual Mobile Engagement platform .

Thanks to StartIT all business can immediately start communicating with its customers enjoying all the benefits the platform offers, such as the collection and analysis of data related to the geographic behavior of users (Have you read the tab related to Beasy?).

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