November 2017

Cultural and artistic heritage: the importance of planning focused Marketing strategies

Mobile strategy

A tour in a museum must aim to be engaging and interesting for every visitors. Cultural and artistic heritage of every cities has to be promoted through specific and planned activities.

Marketing for museums: why it’s so important?

Museums have a specific function: take care of the cultural and historical heritage to let it become everyone’s heritage. In order to get that, it has to be accessible for everyone and moreover desirable. To attract many visitors a museum must communicate its offer in the best way, in order to raise interest and curiosity.

More than a function of preservation, study and research, a museum has an important educational role. If there aren’t interested visitors that want to enjoy its offering a museum doesn’t have any chance to survive .


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Museum's audience

Even in this case the audience plays a primary role. It needs to be guided to discover all the artworks and the artifacts in the best way. The audience is the first recipient of its activity and moreover, buying the tickets, it’s a real investor. A museum to survive has to promote its heritage: without visitors it has a bad fate.

Marketing for museums: an answer for the contemporary needs

The marketing activities for museums are all the activities aim to improve the quality of the museum service and to reach effectiveness the people. Marketing goal is to get closer potential customer’s needs and museum offering. In the last few years the number of visitors has considerably increased, much more people is travelling and so there are more tourists. As there are more people visiting museums, they are more conscious of how an experience inside a museum is supposed to be. They are more demanding and as a consequence the offer has to be more valid.

visitatori nei musei

That’s why, in the last few years, many innovative initiatives to involve the visitors are frequently proposed.  To be an high quality one, the visit needs an incisive set-up. First is the respect of the cultural meaning and the history of the heritage itself.

After that comes a focused marketing strategies for museum. Museums curators and directors can be helped by new technologies in order to give more value to the visit, making it a proper experienceA positive feedback of the experience done has to be shared by the visitor. He needs to feel enrich by it and he has to suggest it to others. There are many options: interactive itinerary, personalized and targeted contents based on the audience, guided tours, supplementary photos and videosLet’s think to offer contents for kids, to approach them to the arts and history, or moreover think about people with visual deficit so they can also enjoy the heritage (Do you know about our important project see the museum?).

Why don’t you think to use the visitors’ smartphone to share contents and information? (Have you ever thought about an app for your museum? Contact us to talk about it!).

What is really matter is work in synergy to fulfill the requirements of the modern visitor which nowadays is used to visit a museum and inclined to digital technologies.   

Numbers tell clearly that in the last few years the number of visitors in the Italian museum has constantly increased nearly achived the number of  45,5 million last year. This data are very significant. The governative institutions efforts are not enough. For instance could be good to get involved in the promotion process even the local institutions and the people living close to the museum itself. Stipulate partnership with the local businesses, hotels, cafes and restaurants: merge the energy to get a concrete result.

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