October 2017

Marketing Strategy for Food Service

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NearIT for a good Marketing Strategy

Does your business no longer attract customers? Is the increase in competition from restaurant and fast food chains putting a strain on your business?
Well, it’s time to get up and start the right marketing strategy for food that brings you back, hence winning the competition.
So, here are 3 steps to follow to get back into the game and structure a real winning strategy.

Step 1: continually improve your service

Most importantly offer a service that meets your customers expectations, therefore quality, not only in food, but above all in the service offered.

The staff of a venue very often makes the difference. Make sure yours is prepared and invest time in training your employees. Being a waiter is not a job for everyone, they must have great problem solving skills, must never be rude and must have a strong sense of sensitivity towards customers even when they are wrong.

Make your decor unique and welcoming. People find it more favorably to choose to eat in a place where they feel comfortable but in which they can, at the same time, live a memorable experience.


Step 2: work on your digital identity

Nowadays it is unthinkable that a commercial reality does not have a website or does not have a presence rooted in social media. Even more so if these commercial activities or services aimed directly at the end user.

To get information, more often reference is made to web search: a restaurant that does not exist on the web does not exist in reality. The digital identity now dominates the real one and it is enough to conquer an online customer to ensure you attract them concretely in your restaurant.

A catchy site is a great business card which allows you to communicate with your potential customers. You can share information about the menu, the history of the place, the philosophy behind certain cuisine choices and much more. Have you ever thought, for example, to write an updated blog with recipes and cooking tips? Or to create newsletters for your most loyal customers and to reserve their offers and bonuses? If you have well, you will certainly be repaid!

Social Networks also play a fundamental role in consolidating your business reputation. They have the power to reach a decidedly wide audience, and to speak in a simple and direct way with followers. Do not underestimate the promotional opportunities they offer: sponsoring your page increases its visibility and a page with many likes will surely attract more customers.

Step 3: Take advantage of digital technologies

If you have not already done so, equip your restaurant, food courts or any food service venue with a mobile app. We have repeatedly talked about the added value that an app can provide to any retail institution, in the case of a reality operating in the field of catering this could be a real trump card.

Everyone now owns a smartphone, and what better way to communicate with people than through these widely used devices?

Through your mobile app you will have the certainty of being able to reach all your users, involving them with notifications and original content, better still as it is contextualized according to their position, past habits or based on specific times of the day (discover the value added by NearIT to your app).

Turn occasional customers into regular customers and establish a loyal relationship with them so they will always come back and see you again.

Are you thinking about a mobile app for your restaurant but you do not know where to start?

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