October 2017

Marketing strategy for food service

Mobile strategy

Your restaurant doesn’t attract new customers? Does the competition in fast food and restaurant chains challenging your business? Well, it’s time to use a marketing strategy for food services that makes you more competitive and successful. 3 steps to satisfy consumers needs.

Marketing Strategy Step 1: improve your service

It’s fundamental to be able to offer an adequate service, it means not just quality in food but also in hospitality. Often, the staff can make the difference. Be sure that yours is experienced and invest time in training.

Working as waiter is not suitable for everyone: it requires problem solving skills, confidence and a strong sensitivity for clients needs or request that, most of the time have to be attended even if the client is wrong.

Make your restaurant unique, people wants to feel comfortable having the meal and want to have a memorable experience.


Marketing Strategy Step 2: think about your web reputation

Nowadays it’s impossible think about a business without an appropriate web site or a social media presence, especially, if it’s a business oriented to the final user. Remember that now, the internet is the first information channel consulted: If a restaurant doesn’t exist online doesn’t seem reliable. An engaging website is a perfect business card and allows to communicate better with any potential customer. You can also share information about your menu, the story of your restaurant, the philosophy behind your food and many more things..

Have you ever considered to create a blog updated with all your recipes and cooking tips? Or maybe to send a newsletter to offer your regular customers bonus and promos? Any kind of effort in this direction will certainly pay you back!

Social media play an important role to consolidate your reputation. They have the power to reach a huge audience, and to speak frankly and straight to the followers.

Do not forget the promotional opportunity they offer, by sponsoring your profile you will get more visibility and many likes means more clients.

Marketing Strategy Step 3: Use digital technology

Provide your restaurant with a mobile app. We discussed a lot about the value that a mobile app can offer to any retailers, but for those who are working in food industry can be a real ace in the hole.

Through your app you can reach your users on their devices engaging with them with notifications and content. Better if the content is based on the context of their location or a certain moment (find out more about the value NearIT can offer). Make your occasional customers become regular and build a loyalty relationship so they will come back.

Are you thinking about a mobile app for your restaurant but you don’t know where to start?


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