April 2019

Multilingual Function of NearIT Makes you Communicate in all Languages of the World

Multilingual Function in NearIT

Manage the contents of your marketing campaign using the NearIT Multilingual Function. Choose what to communicate and in which language, in order to increase the effectiveness of your messages.

Multilingual Function in NearIT

To each their own content

A blog article, the posts on a Facebook page, the images for an Instagram story and an in-app notification. Whoever works in the marketing and communication field knows that a content must be coherent to be effective, but get different nuances according to the channel chosen to share it, the context where the users receive it and with which device – on their smartphones for example.

As a matter of fact, it is through contents that a brand tells its story, makes itself known, and builds a direct and personal conversation with its followers, users, readers, and fans. This is why mobile applications and proximity technology tools are increasingly used to engage users in real time and in a profiled way, thus enhancing the marketing strategy.

Nevertheless, in a recent study, the Osservatorio Digitale of the Politecnico di Milano notes that 73% of Italian companies that use push notifications are not very attentive to the personalization and contextualization of their messages.

Why speaking the language of your audience matters

Creating contents in different languages is a way to further personalize the message, which increases its effectiveness, thus bridging the communication gap with the audience.

Indeed, speaking a language means getting in touch with the culture, values, ​​and lifestyle of a country. For this reason, in order to localize your business, creating your texts in multiple languages ​​becomes a necessity, especially when you interface with markets, such as Russia and China, where English is not widely diffused, and knowing their native tongue is a competitive advantage to break down language barriers and build a relationship of trust with the customers.

Multiple languages, a single platform

NearIT’s Multilingual function allows you to optimize the management of texts in multiple languages ​​directly on the platform, thus diversifying the contents of the campaigns in a simple way through a single tool.

Choose what to communicate, in which language and add (in the “What” section of the platform) the translations you need. Furthermore, it is possible to set a default language to communicate with users for which a translation is not provided.

For example: considering that 70% of your reference target is composed of Italian users and 30% are German, you can plan a campaign translating the contents in both languages. For users who have set up a different language from Italian and German on their smartphones, you will add an English translation as a default.

Multilingual Function in NearIT

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