March 2018

Natural Shopping Center: the urban center transformation

Mobile strategy

Our urban center needs to be revitalized, the competition with the shopping mall is getting tough. What is it possible do to revive the Natural Shopping center?

Natural Shopping Center: what are these?

By the expression Natural Shopping Center are defined all the city shopping areas. These are all the districts where the majority  of the shops and store retailers are located. These can also be called the shopping districts, which most of the time are in the center of the city but which lately have suffered the cruel competition of the dozens of shopping mall open in the suburbs.

Natural Shopping Center or not?

Shopping Malls are increasing: they are big, indoor, with a large parking availability. Sometimes they represent the easiest and more manageable for who needs to purchase. To convince potential customers to walk along their shop windows in the city center, the retailers have to face an harsh challenge. Most of the time they are more difficult to reach, because of the traffic, the difficult in finding a parking and if it’s rainy it get more complicated. That’s why a very focused strategy is needed to give value to all these areas, a strategy also shared with all the subject involved.  All the shop owners has to play together to face the cruel competition of the shopping malls. They are called to offer more advantages and give more value to the services they offer.

Strategy to relaunch The Natural shopping center area

In order to be really innovative and competitive, it’s important to adopt strategies aim to increase the potential customers loyalty and to offer more services that the customer cannot found somewhere else. A mobile app could be a good solution for this purpose. Through a collective mobile app dedicated to a commercial district, each retailer has the chance to promote his business sharing news and promotion. But it is not just a commercial opportunity, a mobile app can also be used to share logistical information, news about traffic and parking. The local administrations are interested in promoting any activity of their city centre taking the chance to promote them offering a service to the citizen. (Have you read our article about the Smart city?).

A city able to offer such a service, to its citizens and not, is a city who looks at the future. Coming from the past, the Natural Shopping Center are now renewed and renovated concept. These are the representation of a new concept of urban commercial space, which is able to offer several advantages based not just on the single merchant but on a total vision.

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