March 2018

Natural Shopping Centers: Urban Centers Revolution

Mobile strategy
Natural Shopping Centers and StartIT

Natural Shopping Centers are the answer to big shopping malls’ increasing competition.
Nowadays new technologies can address small businesses’ needs by aggregating them and creating proper urban commercial circuits.

Natural Shopping Centers:
what are they?

The term Natural Shopping Center defines the urban shopping circuits which concentrate in particular city’s areas or neighborhoods and which include different shops.

They are deemed “Shopping Promenade” and sometimes they have the advantage of being in city’s core areas but, in the last years, they’ve suffered fierce competition from the many Shopping Malls which crowd suburbs.

Natural Shopping Centers and StartIT
Natural Shopping Centers and StartIT

Natural Shopping Centers:
yes or not?

Shopping Malls have skyrocketed over the years: they offer a wide business proposal, they are indoor and they have large parking availability.
Sometimes they represent the easiest option for those who need to go shopping.
It’s therefore important the challenge facing the old towns as they should try to convince citizens to walk in the storefronts for their purchases. They often are hardest to reach because of traffic and the difficulty of finding parking. Rain, at times, only complicates things.
Therefore a very focused strategy is needed to give value to all these areas, it’s a strategy shared with all the parties  involved. The various shopkeepers could gain many benefits from this innovative pathway. in numbers!

What are the strategies to relaunch Natural shopping Centers?

The creation of real business district is not enough, however, if generation of effective perks for shopkeepers and citizens is not supported.

You have to seek to increase loyalty, city’s revitalising and people’s sense of belonging.

It’s important to adopt new innovative strategies aimed to offer customers more services that they cannot found elsewhere.

Technology comes towards us with a mobile app, the right solution for this purpose.

Connecting Contextual Mobile Engagement services to a collective mobile app, each retailer has the chance to promote his business sharing news and promotion. But it is not just a commercial opportunity. A mobile app can also be used to share logistical informations and news about traffic and parking. In short, local administrations, which are interested in promoting all their city’s activities, could be the first to take the chance to promote and offer new service. (Have you already read our article about smart cities?).

A city able to offer such a service, to its citizens and not, is a city who looks at the future.

Coming from the past, Natural Shopping Centers are now renewed. They are the representation of a new urban commercial space concept, which is able to offer several advantages not only by leaning on an individual merchant exclusivity, but because they are capable of providing a general area’s overview.

If you don’t have an app, StartIT is perfect for you!


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