January 2018

Near presents the most complete tool to get engagement: discover StartIT


Near’s offer is now really complete. Available all the tools to immediately start your mobile engagement campaign: from the app to the web platform.

Contextual mobile engagement has never been easier

Near meets everyone’s requirements: big brands already equipped with an app and small businesses who haven’t invested in one. We have worked hard to make available for everyone such a sophisticated technology as NearIT. The web platform NearIT was born to be intuitive, user friendly and easy to be integrated. All that to make every campaign manager free to create contents by himself and to manage the results of his mobile marketing activity. Sometimes the integration time has been considered a barrier, now is not anymore.

App mobile

Our app...your app

Complete of app and web platform NearIT, StartIT is a kit that you can use to plan your innovative marketing and communication campaign using the users information such as their location or their behaviour. Flexible and very easy to use, is the right tool to attract and get the loyalty of your mobile users. Promote your promos, promote your event and let them know about your latest news about your product and service: this app will help you to create a communication channel and boost your business.  

The user, once he agreed to be located and to receive notifications, will receive all the news and contents shared with him straight on his smartphone.

Use StartIT and make your app to engage your users

The app sample provided with the technological kit StartIT has a very simple structure, functional to be use with mobile engagement purposes.  Here the structure details:

  • Info: this is the section about you, tell your story to your users, share important and valuable information with them
  • News: Here the user can find the recap of all the notifications received. News, information, feedback request, multimedia contents: all these will be always available.
  • Coupons: Wallet of oupons received by the user in different time, depending on the sending plan. It’s possible to deliver coupons when users are close to a place or based on their characteristics.
  • Map: User can check in any moment the map with the physical location of your store or your shops.
  • Profile: Ask your user to login and create a profile with some information about himself (max 5) to know him better. You will pay back his trust using these data to send him very profiled contents and personalized on his tastes and needs.

You will have the chance to enrich the app and make it looks yours. Choose a name, a logo and the best colour to represent your business, you will select the contents but moreover you will manage all the activities by using the intuitive web interface of the platform NearIT.

Do not waste more time and stant now your adventure with NearIT. Let’s increase the knowledge of your mobile user, get their loyalty and interact with them with valuable and personalized contents, increase the value of your service, optimize your marketing investment and immediately get concrete results.

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