December 2017

StartIT: mobile marketing solution kit ready to be used

Mobile strategy

If you think that a contextual mobile engagement strategy can help you, but you are not specifically equipped to start a campaign of mobile marketing yet, don’t panic: we have the solution!

What do you need?

Firstly you must precisely detect the goal you want to achieve. Based on your business or your industry you have to understand what you need mostly: improve your brand awareness? Offer a better service? Know more about your users and their habits? Understand their opinion? Share promos?

Once you decided what’s priority, you have to equip yourself with the right tools to accomplish it by planning a successful mobile marketing activity.

Strategia mobile

Think about a mobile app

Today seems to be mandatory invest in a mobile app. This is a direct communication tool with you customers, the usual and the potential ones, that offers many chances. The app leaving rate is quite high, even the rate of not active users, those who have the app but don’t use it. It’s important to convince the user to invest space on his device for an app because it could be favorable. How? By offering a useful, punctual and pertinent service of course. NearIT works exactly for this purpose, by allowing you to share personalized and valuable contents in particular situations and contexts. When the user feel to be “main character” of the received contents, because they are based on his tastes, habits and choices, he will more favourable be an active user, detecting the value and the benefits for himself.

Take advantage from StartIT kit for your mobile marketing activity

Once you have considered all the activity that you can do to engage your mobile users thanks to your app, then it’s time to start planning. If you have never considered to invest in a mobile app, NearIT has a quick solution to start immediately, avoiding to wait a development first and integration period later.

This is an app sample (contact us to have more information) that could be personalized with your brand and colours, but that already has a menu with all the functions ready to be used with NearIT. So you will be able to know your users, to share coupons and certain contents, and you will have the chance to constantly monitor the results you get in order to understand if your choices are winning or not. The app and the web platform are offered together in the kit: StartIT.

Don’t wait any longer, start now to communicate with your users: engage, know, attract and monetize with NearIT.

Do you want to start now your mobile marketing activity?


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