July 2017

NearIT Analytics


Now available new important tool

For the success of your campaign, engaging in different ways with your users and reaching them with proximity and contextual messages it’s not enough. That’s why a contextual mobile engagement and proximity marketing campaign needs to be monitored and the tool to do so, has to foresee this need in order for the campaign to be truly effective.

NearIT’s offers the chance to constantly keep an eye on the performance of activities on the platform. NearIT’s offer is completed with an Analytics section, where it’s possible to analyze, compare and evaluate all the data related to the campaigns. NearIT’s SDK, integrated in a mobile App, can trace all users when they enter or leave a certain geofence or beacon area.


What can NearIT do?

NearIT can detect all the reactions from engagement activities, it can know how many people have received the content from a recipe, how many of them reacted to those notifications by tapping, answering or using a coupons.

All this data is available for the campaign manager and make his CRM richer. If the App integrated with NearIT is  used to profile its users, all the data collected makes a CRM even more detailed. It’s possible to match the data collected with NearIT with the data available in-App, precious data to know better your users and their preferences.

It’s now possible to get a graphic visualization of all collected data, to make data analysis and interpretation easier and immediate. Every recipe has a funnel where is possible to find the reaction of a user to specific engagement activities, with the details about the time of the reactions, the hours and other possible extra information (such as comments and feedback).

Statistic with NearIT

The section called General Statistic, is the new entry and it’s splitted in three sections:

  • TARGET: Here you can see how many users you can reach, simply because they are users of the App. This data can be splitted depending on certain characteristics, how many users has been reached in a defined period. Here you can also get useful data about the Operation System Android or iOS.
  • PLACES: here data about a certain time interval, how many users have been traced in a defined place (geofence) and how many have been traced inside a defined areas (beacon area). You can know how many users agreed to the permission request and how many had the bluetooth on.
  • RECIPE: here is the total amount of the data coming from all the active recipes in order to evaluate how is the campaign performing, in terms of results and conversion rate, in a defined time interval.

All the graphics you get are exportable and easy to be inserted in another presentation. A critique analysis of this results can help you planning better your campaign, offering your users what they really want or need. Planning a campaign of contextual mobile engagement you have to keep in mind the context you are working on and NearIT offers to you all the tools you need.

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