July 2017

NearIT and FreeLuna: now the most popular WiFi community of Italy has an App with proximity features

freeluna app

Starting from today FreeLuna’s users will be able to connect with the hotspot through an innovative mobile app.

The new App developed by NearIT and FreeLuna will make all the places that are using FreeLuna services, connected via  “mobile proximity”. No more proximity sms, instead the users will be engaged through an App, powered by NearIT. They will be reached on their smartphone via bluetooth doubling the browse speed.This new feature is a big step forward both for the quality of the service offered to the final users and the facilities that will decide to benefit from the FreeLuna HotSpot technology.

NearIT, Lombard startup that has recently developed the App and Software Development Kit (or SDK) of mobile proximity for events such as  IAB, Codemotion and Pragma Conference, is the technological partner of the first italian social wi-fi community for a project that will start with pilot studies involving retailers with the FreeLuna service. These retailers will be able to guarantee special offers on their products and services to those who will use the wireless connection, through virtual coupons and personalized discount vouchers.


hotspot freeluna

Great advantages for retailers and users

FreeLuna, service powered by Futur3, is the HotSpot WiFi service with countless downloads  at airports, shopping centres, chain stores, banks , touristic spots which has more than 1 million eight hundred thousand subscribers. The FreeLuna HotSpot, once connected, allows any business or organization to offer a free and protected WiFi connection to its users, but moreover it offers unique and innovative proximity marketing, lead generation and communication tools.


Nearit is part of the innovation

Being chosen by a such widespread organization like FreeLuna, makes us really proud and confident in a project we strongly believe in” stated Luca Locatelli, CEO of NearIT “The users will be able to benefit from a service that is getting everyday more and more technological saving their mobile internet data.  Every business that will rely on FreeLuna WiFi service, will be able to profit from the proximity marketing features that our platform offers”.

Downloading the mobile FreeLuna app, the users located close to a FreeLuna hotspot, will be able to surf doubling the browse speed. Thanks to the integration with the NearIT platform, during the navigation it will possible to get contextual proximity notifications that involve special offers and specific information. We hope that soon enough every FreeLuna hotspot will decide to adopt contextual mobile engagement services powered by NearIT through the new app, taking the big commercial and brand image advantage of this technology.


hotspot freeluna

A service for every organization

“After testing with success the solution for the town hall and local suburbs in Trentino Alto-Adige we spread our community all around the country in order to make it grow in big residential areas and busy spots” stated Massimiliano Mazzarella, CEO of Futur3 “Since 2014 we have had a partnership with the Orio al Serio Airport that counts more than 9 million visitors every year. Together with the airport, we have been able to offer the first and free broadband WiFi connection in Italy active 24/7. Today, this product innovation makes us less dependent on traditional telephone lines, ensuring the engagement with the airport visitors via bluetooth without requiring the sms service”.


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