December 2018

Proximity Loyalty Becomes Reality Thanks to NearIT and Domec

proximity loyalty becomes reality thanks to NearIT and Domec

The two companies launch a new frontier, the proximity loyalty. This solution combines the potentiality of the precision marketing with a new idea of retention starting from urban centers.

A few months after the beginning of the partnership between NearIT and Domec, arrives a proximity loyalty solution able to combine contextual marketing and loyalty added value.

Thanks to NearIT and Domec technologies, for the consortium merchants or natural business centers participating in the initiatives, it is possible to exploit advanced loyalty, campaign management now with the addition of geofencing tools to their customers.

proximity loyalty becomes reality thanks to NearIT and Domec

Profiling users will improve the merchant-consumer relationship by offering the latter more reasons to choose the shops included in the network. It will be possible, therefore, not only to receive the most interesting promotions simply by walking around the favorite shops, but also to get cash back and win prizes in an automatic and fun manner with every purchase.

New frontiers are opening up for geolocalized campaigns and loyalty programs, which will allow places such as physical outlets  become more engaging and interactive for customers.

The solution will be implemented, among others, in the Bloyalty4U project which currently involves 45 businesses in the city of Lanciano belonging to the “Le Vie del Commercio” consortium, an initiative created by BPER Banca.

For Antonio Sorrentino, CEO of Domec: “It is a fundamental step towards the omnichannel nature of our projects. We want to create absolute value for both the final consumers and merchants. With developments such as this, we are certainly on the right track. Collaborating with a partner such as NearIT will make the usability experience of the consumer even more engaging and immersive”.

With proximity marketing, it is possible to redefine and strengthen the digital marketing strategies of commercial activities, thus making the relationship between those who want to offer a service and those seeking more dynamic. That is why we are thrilled to be part of the Bloyalty4U project, an opportunity to express the potential of our technology in a scenario that is significant in terms of size and innovation “, said Luca Locatelli, CEO of NearIT.

The launch of the new solutions is scheduled for the first few months in 2019. For customers and retailers who will use it in the coming new year, it is expected to be full of benefits and fun.

proximity loyalty becomes reality thanks to NearIT and Domec

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