April 2017

NearIT partners with IAB Italia to develop their Mobile APP for the IAB 2017 Seminars & Forum


 The startup of proximity and contextual marketing has developed an app that will have an interactive agenda functionality for the event. It will also serve as a tool for sharing multimedia and textual content and as a guide for navigating the venue.

The project

NearIT, is the start-up of proximity headquartered in Bergamo and active since 2015, 12 months ago, when it received 1.5 million euros as seed capital from Innowatio. IAB ITalian has selected NearIT to develop the Mobile App that will accompany the attendees of the Seminar & the IAB Forum 2017.

Since its founding, NearIT has obtained organic growth reaching a 20 employee base and has obtained experience developing products for events that allow event organizers to simplify their communication and going away from SMS notifications. NearIT allows organizers to say goodbye to the long lines in front of a monitor displaying the event’s timetable and the need for personnel with the soleily objective of distribution printed insightful material.

For the Pragma Conference, Italy’s main event for iOS developers held last October in Verona, NearIT implemented an informative service channel by developing and integrating a Software Development Kit (SDK). Through this SDK it was possible to send personalized notifications to users’ smartphones based on the device actual physical location, a technology that takes the name of “location-based content” and that has generated more than 1,000 interactions with beacons.

NearIT’s challenge for IAB Italia is to re-develop entirely their App for events. This partnership will evolve from the user experience generated in the next upcoming Seminars “Content Strategy: From advertisers to media companies” programmed this April 7th at MiCo North Convention Center (on Gattamelata st. in Milan, Italy). To finally be presented for the IAB Forum visitors on November 2017, the 4th most important digital event in terms of participants.

Inside the MiCo North Convention Center, once the app is downloaded and installed from iTunes or Google Play Store, a range of Beacon transmitters (which send messages via BLE Bluetooth in a small radius) positioned at the entrances and inside the conference rooms will recognize users as they are in proximity and will trigger a notification to be sent to the user’s device from which it will be possible to take a look at additional information regarding the speaker or the topic. It could also be possible to download multimedia or textual content. All this increases interactions between IAB ITalia and the audience and keeping that link active and alive for an entire year.

Additionally, because of the Geofencing technology which uses GPS localization, participants who have downloaded before the event will be able to connect with the organizers from the moment of arrival at the airport or train station in Milan with a welcome message and personalized directions on how to get to the event’s venue.
“At the end of every speech, a feedback request will arrive to the audience – saysClaudio Suardi, NearIT’s Product Manager – The App is ready, but we expect the opportunity for improvements after analyzing the App’s use. It can be improved event after event to provide a more complete experience to participants, organizers and speakers. We want to provide a real and definitive interactive guide, always updated and that recognizes automatically the user’s participation to the different conferences and decides which content to use for personalized notifications. All of this, without affecting the smartphone’s battery thanks to an algorithm that consents to reveal beacons only when it is really necessary”.

“The principle and  base of proximity marketing is always the fight against spamLuca Locatelli, NearIT’s CEO concludes – to finally abandon the idea of an indiscriminate sending of notifications or the bombardment of marketing materials and to allow event organizers to simplify participants experiences, accompanying them through the venue and anticipating their needs. It substitutes all email and SMS communication that commonly saturate our smartphones with one app capable of generating personalized content”.


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