June 2016

Proximity Marketing Has Never Been Easier


What is Proximity Marketing?

Proximity Marketing is the cutting edge of marketing and communications. The two keywords are: people and localization. Proximity Marketing allows you to send content to app users (clients, visitors, public) at the right moment in the right context so to send efficient messages to reach your goals.

With Proximity Marketing you do not only sell a product but you can engage your audience and it can be a powerful retention tool.

Proximity Marketing has never been easier

A solution ready “in a snap”; this is how we like to talk about us!
We’re an Italian startup. We are born in Bergamo at Kilometro Rosso Science & Technology Park, an innovative isle between Bergamo and Milan.

We are born only a few months ago and we are now a fast growing team. Our developers are working on the platform for the future: the product that will change the way to do marketing.

NearIT is the solution you have always looked at to create engagement with your users. “Engagement” is a over-used word in many fields. What does it mean? Engage your clients, interacting, creating a relation, moving and creating communities.

Sending the right message to the right user: it is now possibile, easy and simple with NearIT and with our solution ready in a snap. You can now know your users and send them personalized messages when you want to.

Our solution is addressed to small and medium enterprises, events managers, exhibitions, museums and malls; an easy and cheap solutions for all the activities with a matter in common: it is faster and easy to use, right in a snap!

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