October 2018

Rimini TTG 2018: Near Goes Around the World in 3 Days

NearIT at Rimini TTG 2018

From the 10th to the 12th of October, professionals in the tourism sector met at the Rimini TTG Travel Experience.
During the 2018 edition, ran by the Italian Exhibition Group, there were 1500 exhibitors representing 90 countries in the world. The 3 days agenda was an eventful one. Visitors had the opportunity to take part in more than 380 events and share ideas on new trends about travel, style and innovation.

A tailor made travel experience

Experiential tourism is actually one of the top trends foreseen for the year 2019. If you love sports and wellness or you are passionate about food and wine, you can find the perfect travel destination(s) to suit your tastes.
Trips designed only for Millennials, doing activities such as yoga with healthy eating, are just an example of the evolution of the market towards more personal travel experiences.
Privacy becomes the real luxury: people often want to live special moments far from the crowd.

There’s news also for families and pet lovers, who can enjoy tailor made travel experiences thanks to hotels and tour operators, who are the more and more aware of their needs.

Innovation Meets Culture and Tradition

In collaboration with Associazione Startup Turismo, TTG Rimini spoke with great curiosity about the innovation brought about by many Italian startups present to introduce new products and digital solutions, which allow optimization of services offered through user profiling. According to this, the experience of travelers becomes more engaging and smart.

The technology must be innovative and able to combine the online dimension of their behaviors, for example the use of the smartphone to book flights, hotels or search for information on the destination, with the offline dimension where they actually live their travel experience.

NearIT at Rimini TTG 2018

Contextual Mobile Engagement – said Emanuele Rastelli Account & Business Development Manager is an opportunity to give new value to the territory, creating a virtuous circle among public and private organisations who want to tell traditional stories in a smarter way, local businesses which want to enhance their services, and travellers, who look for outstanding experiences”.

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