February 2018

NearIT solution for the BMW Urban Stores

The co-innovation project managed by ELIS for BMW Italia has started: the technological solution is powered by NearIT


NearIT and the co-innovation project

Thanks to Open Italy, a program promoted by Elis, to promote the meeting and the business opportunity between startup, offering innovative solution, and companies, NearIT has been selected to test its technology in the industry.

The mobile engagement platform NearIT has been identified by BMW as suitable to satisfy the most urgent necessity: user tracking and their involvement inside the showroom.


Why NearIT

The partnership between NearIT and BMW comes from a specific need: give a clear conversion rate of all the potential customers that go to the showroom after an online research.

The main goal is to track the process that push the prospects to physically see the car, giving him a reason to do that, an advantage.

Understanding how many users after a research online then decide to go in the showroom and viceversa how many of them had previously research online is the principal necessity.

For example these are fundamental data to understand the effectiveness of the online communication or to evaluate the advantage to invest in a more traditional communication campaign. Is the modern user using internet in a car purchase journey?

NearIT Solution

NearIT’s technological solution participate to this purpose. It offers the chance to bridge the online and the offline through the most used device for the online research and that could allow the user tracking: the smartphone.

Working in the mobile environment, NearIT has detected the mobile app as the right tool for this purpose.  

It all starts from a mobile app BMW Urban Store. Thanks to the integration with NearIT, the app is able to create a communication channel with users and to track and profile them.

A social campaign localized on Milan and Rome will propose the downloading to get exclusive advantages able to validate the visit in store.


How does the app work?

On the app the user will be able to create a profile and book a test drive or ask for a quotation, receiving then a coupon to pick up an exclusive gadget at the showroom.

Once the prospect arrives he will be welcome by a localized notification. Inside the showroom there are beacons installed on expositive totem and inside some cars, that after a bump will share information and exclusive contents through the app. The chance to receive contents through the app will encourage the user to have wifi and bluetooth on. So it’s possible to count how many people with smartphone have been inside the showroom.

Thanks to the engagement features offered by NearIT, the mobile app is a tool with a great impact able to value the experience inside the showroom and to collect important data for the CRM. Using the coupon received during the login, the user will be able to collect his gadget. At the end of the visit, a feedback request about the past experience will be delivered to all the app possessors, which will considerably contribute to the qualitative evaluation of the experience itself.


BMW Urban Store Experience

Precious data available on NearIT

In NearIT analytics section will be available many data such as:

  • what are the most displayed contents
  • what are the most visited showrooms
  • which are the most displayed contents and so event the most appreciated
  • the users feedback shared at the end of the BMW Urban store experience
  • All the information about the open rate of the notifications sent.