November 2016

NearIT at Swiss E-commerce Conference

Sec16:Key Player and Engagement’s Queen at Swiss E-commerce Conference

A flood of interactions (more than 1,700) at the conference on e-commerce held in Baden (Switzerland) on 15th November. All was possible thanks to the innovative mobile app Sec16 and proximity marketing features.

More than 400 downloads for Sec16 app, adventure mate for over 700 visitors at the yearly event on e-commerce organised by NetComm Swiss that, for the first time has decided to bet on mobile thanks to a useful and engaging app. Our SDK was integrated in Sec16 app developed by our developers thanks to the support of the software house MindTek. The app counting with more than 4,600 active sections during the conference was a real key player at the event. 


The app was a real conference mate, a support to join the venue thanks to notifications sent to app users regarding their position and a real-time partner thanks to the useful announcement to inform users on the beginning of workshops and conferences held during all the day.

App usefulness was not the only key success element of this tool. Sec16 was a real queen of engagement! More than 50 beacons were installed at Trafo Baden Congress Center, one per booth on average. “Meet&Win” was the title of the contest held at the event: the more interactions users made with beacon, the more chances they had to win a 200-Francs coupon to be spent on Zalando. It was easy to take part in the contest: having Sec16 app installed, go and meet as many sponsors as possible touching with the smartphone the beacon at sponsors’ stands (obviously with the bluetooth ON and the location service activated). It was a really appreciated initiative: we’ve registered over 1,700 interactions with beacons at the event.

“Meet&Win” was not the only initiative to create engagement at the conference. At the entrance, there were 4 superheros to entertain visitors with a social aim. The name of the initiative was “Digital Hero”. Every superheros, each with a beacon on the costume, involved users convincing them to take a selfie with an amazing framework and to share it on the big screen which were installed there so to donate part of their time on helping university students with a digital training. Users had also the possibility to share the selfie with their friends posting the photo on social media or by instant messaging.