March 2017

Nearit technology solution for user segmentation


 Here is the second chapter of the series of articles about NearIT’s technology. We want to provide to you a handbook to deepen on all the features and potential of our platform. In the article “NearIT technology solution for proximity” we have explained how proximity works in NearIT, and in this chapter, we talk about the importance of data for user segmentation.

Choose what data to use with NearIT

In the proximity marketing logic there are: content personalization and definition of the context where the content is sent. By keeping these two aspects in mind it is possible to increase the interest of app users because, compared to the traditional marketing, here they will receive content that:

  • Is tailored for their target users. It’s linked to their interests, their habits, and their characteristics
  • It’s exclusively relevant to them and in the moment when the communication has a real value.

To send valuable contextual content (what we call recipe), to the target user group that benefits the most, it’s fundamental to have the necessary information about them to.

With NearIT you can create a recipe based on the information that you collected and provided. More precisely, the information come from:

  • User’s past behavior, thanks to the integration of our SDK in the app it’s possible to monitor this. It is then possible to decide to select, for example; who has been nearby the stadium for the last match, or who went to the museum for the new exhibition’s opening day.
  • From client’s operating systems: Data can come from CRM’s or other databases where users data is stored.
  • From client’s apps: If you decide to request users to fill a form on your App or to login entering personal data to create a profile, having the SDK allows you to fetch all this data and use it in NearIT.
Profilazione utenti di NearIT  

To create valuable content is fundamental to link the user’s’ behavior and data available. For instance, in for a supermarket, it would be interesting to know how many people walk in and out the area of the other supermarkets in their market daily, but also how big are their families or what kind of diet they follow, etc.

NearIT provides to every client who decide to integrate the SDK the chance to choose a unique ID. This is done to create the match between user’s behavior and collected data. This creates a very complete profile. For example, is possible to use the email address, the username used to login the private area of the supermarket’s app, or any other univocal data available.

As mentioned, with NearIT, you are free to use the data in your operating system to build your contents. In this case, it is important to underline that you can decide independently to share with us just the data relevant to improve your proximity marketing strategy. Going back to the supermarket example, you can decide to share with NearIT the data regarding the diet of a user or about the size of his family, avoiding to share the password used to access in his private area (in fact is not useful for a marketing campaign but is an example).

You can decide to use NearIT just for one area of your business, you don’t have to share all the data you have. Moreover, you don’t have to give to NearIT any access to your operating system, you will decide what data to use for your recipes.

How to use your data for recipes

Once you have decided which data you want to share with us in order to make your engagement strategy, it’s time to visualize them inside the platform. This stage is very easy, you just have to click on Settings (on the top right corner) and select User Data Mapping.

Now you have just to add a New Field, insert the field’s name provided from the SDK and the name you want to give to this Field in NearIT (this will be the field you will see once you are selecting a certain target). Eventually you just choose what kind of data it is from String, Date, Number, Boolean, List.

User segmentation with NearIT

If you are a developer and you want to try the potential of our SDK, look at the developer section on our website.

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