August 2017

Contextual mobile engagement: the solution to shops and stores crisis

Mobile strategy

A difficult moment is about to come

Dark clouds appearing on the horizon in the retailing area: news are coming from the US giant stores and they aren’t reassuring at all – and sooner or later also European retailer will face the same kind of problem. It’s not just a situation due to the recent crisis that affected consumptions in every field, but it’s a deep change in trading. More and more people rely on the e-commerce for shopping, even for goods that are traditionally sold by physical sales outlet, like clothing or beauty products.

A new way to shop: e-commerce is taking the lead

Wall street trading companies lately released their annual figures and there are many surprises. News are that companies like Pacific Sunwear or California e American Apparel are bankrupt and many others saw their stocks going down: Abercrombie & Fitch, well-known all over the world, has lost over 50% in share value in the last year alone. According to Business Insider in the coming two months more than 3.500 stores are expected to close, each being part of chain stores like Macy’s, Sears and Guess. This figures shows very well that consumers are less and less interested in actually going to physical shops in order to buy: many companies are at work to change their strategies, but which path is to follow?

Surely the number of physical shops will decrease in this new market dominated by the e-shops, but that doesn’t mean they have to disappear: to give them a second chance we have to take the possibilities offered by new technologies. One thing could be improving consumer loyalty using mobile apps, opposing a good answer to the problem: stores may be fewer, but they’re going to offer so much to their clients that they will choose the physical shop over the online one, because the experience they’ll get will be worth it.

The NearIT method

NearIT propose a strategy of contextual mobile engagement that could reveal to be a trump card. The main idea, based on engagement and customization, is to create a thigh relationship between brand and customer, aiming to create loyal behaviors: thanks to NearIT platform you can create highly customized contents to share with the user once he’s in a certain context.

The union of many technologies make this happen, the perfect integration of smartphone’s apps, Bluetooth, WI-FI and geolocation: the customer is the target of a specific content – chosen studying the data about his behavior in-store and his choices and tastes – that will be shared only in certain conditions; this means the user is either in a certain place, in a specific moment of time or has done some actions that triggered the sharing of the content.


Creating a customized shopping experience

Context is in fact the key to the whole process: nowadays user are overwhelmed by a constant flux of information, therefore is necessary to stand out, creating contents and solutions that enrich the customer experience, making it unique and meaningful. NearIT contextual mobile engagement platform allow every company to write and plan targeted contents and their sharing, in relation to the situation they were created for. Through the smartphone, it’s possible to send coupon, feedback requests and specific contents: each one is a tool that will improve the shopper experience and make his satisfaction growing.

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