October 2017

Do Not Disturb while driving: how does it work?


Our October exclusive news is about the new iOS11 feature: here some helpful information.

A feature to preserve the safety of those who drive

“Do Not Disturb while driving” feature is one of the most important news of iOS11, this is a new security feature that automatically turns on when an activity, that seems driving a vehicle, is detected. Through sensors, such as the accelerometer, the operating system can detect that someone is driving, and all the notifications delivered will be hidden to avoid any distraction during the driving. This feature is not turned on from the start, but it is proposed the first time a driving status is detected. The user has the chance to change the settings afterwards and be able to decide if this feature will be on:

  • Automatically
  • When synchronized via bluetooth
  • Manually    



When the device is all set, the user will not be able to see any notifications and the smartphone will not ring neither buzz. All the notifications received will be normally displayed once the feature is turned off (on the Lock Screen or in the Notification Center).

Always ON “enhanced” location services

The “Enhanced” Location Services are settings to use WiFi and Bluetooth to get the most accurate location data. These are always active, it means that the location detected is really precise and so the beacon’s detection is more effective. This is an important aspect if you are planning to use beacons for your campaign. 

That is because the control dashboard allows you to monitor WiFi and Bluetooth status, and to decide if you want to turn them on or off, doing so, doesn’t really change the status of the device sensor. In fact, even if a user decides to turn off WiFi e Bluetooth using the control centre, the sensors stay on and they can be turned off through the device settings.

Just to clarify: when the WiFi is off (through the control dashboard) this is not really off but it won’t automatically connect to the nearby WiFi networks, allowing more precision in finding the user location.

When the user turns off the Bluetooth (from the control dashboard) it is not off, but it’s simply not connected to the bluetooth devices near and it will not be automatically reconnected, this will allow a non stop connection with beacons to reveal the device position more effectively. Remember that users can turn off WiFi e Bluetooth whenever they wish.

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