March 2020

Organizing an Event: How to Use an App to Engage People not only During the Show

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organizing an event with nearit

Organizing an event, regardless of its dimension, its objectives or target, is an hard job. For this, an app can simplify the organisational process and enhance the engagement, even before and after the show.

A more liberal availability to information combined with the opportunities leveraged by new technologies have made people more aware of their active role in the value creation process of a company or a brand. As a result, they have increased their expectations about online and on life experiences.

As It happens in different industries, also who works in the Event & Entertainment field faces to this evolution, exploiting specific functionalities of the innovation solutions available to optimize the organizational activities, to enhance themes and key players, like speakers and sponsors, and to engage people in an dynamic original way. That means: not only when they join the event.

organizing an event with nearit

The three dimensions of the engagement of an event

When it comes to organize an event, regardless of its dimension, its objectives or target, engaging people before, during and after it, can make the difference.
This three dimensions approach allows to build a strong relationship with people interacting with them in a more personal way according to the context. For example: before the event you can attract people sharing relevant contents; during the event you can enrich their experience with real time information and activities; after the event you can suggest further initiatives they might be interested to, and offer services and products of your sponsors.

But how to do it and do it better than your competitors?

Mobile Technology: where to start

Everything starts with the mobile app of your event, that exploits the functionalities of the smartphone to become an exclusive communication tool not only to profile and engage users, but also to make the activity management more efficient.

However, even if an app is accessible to all, as an event manager it’s important to answer to a relevant question to give people a reason why to download it and use it: what kind of experience do I want for them?

Not the usual event app

Now let’s imagine that a Marketing Manager decides to download the app of the most important New Technology Forum which will take place next month:


  • Once he downloads the app, it will ask to him to share his profile giving information about the type of subscription (VIP user or standard user) and his job title (Marketing Manager).
  • After he successfully completes the login, he gets a 10% discount to use on the e-commerce of the main event sponsor.
  • During the event, he uses the self check-in mode to register his attendance, he reads the real time updates about the agenda and the speakers, giving also his feedback as a conference ends. In addition to that, he uses the networking section to check and meet the most relevant attendees in terms of business opportunities;
  • As a vip user, he receives extra contents and video the event to enjoy directly on his smartphone some days after.
organizing an event with nearit
organizing an event with nearit

Different functions, a unique tool

Attract, engage but also measure the performance: this because an event manager knows that to be successful, everything should be under control. That is why an app can become also a trustful assistant to check the effectiveness of an engagement strategy, to know how many users have been reached, giving the opportunity to plan further initiatives according to relevant data.


What an event manager should know about an app for an event

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